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Saturday, October 13, 2018, 11am - 3pm

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WellFest is the 1st large scale zero waste event on campus!

Why is this important?

As the campus strives to be zero waste by 2020, HDH Wellness and Engagement is doing its part in reducing its footprint on this planet by piloting at WellFest Zero Waste practices for large-scale campus events. UC San Diego has the ability and potential to lead the charge in the sustainability movement and shift towards a renewable future.

What are some of the challenges?

How does this event address the challenges?

How is WellFest a zero waste event?

This event will achieve the UC Office of the President standard for zero waste with 90% diversion from landfill. WELLFEST will be piloting business practices and diversion procedures as our campus gears up to go zero waste by 2020. We identified 4 waste points for a large-scale event and have adapted processes and operations for each to reach the zero waste goal:

This event could not be made successful without the leadership of the following student organizations and community gardens! Thank you!

Engineers for a Sustainable World

Check out the pedal-powered phone charging stations built by UC San Diego’s Engineers for a Sustainable World.

Food Recovery Network

We partnered with UCSD’s Food Recovery Network to recover leftover, uneaten food and help educate attendees on food sustainability.

Student Sustainability Collective

UC San Diego’s Student Sustainability Collective will hold HDH accountable in making sure that zero waste guidelines are met in addition to educating students on where all the waste from the event is being diverted.

Roger’s Garden & Ellie’s Garden

All food waste will be sent to Roger’s Garden and Ellie’s Garden to be composted either open-air or through an anaerobic digester.