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What Can I Do?

There are so many easy things you can do in your daily routine to live a more sustainable life!

Get Involved

Take a class, join an organization, plant a garden… there are so many ways to get involved!

Pledge #mylasttrash and help UCSD reach its Zero Waste goal by 2020.

Take Action

Find an aspect of sustainability that speaks to you and reach out to the organization to see how you can get involved. There is something for every interest and major!

Donate and Volunteer

Throughout the year, HDH hosts food drives for the Triton Food Pantry, as well as donates leftover food to the Food Recovery Network.

Volunteer at either one, or both!

Green Living

If you are an on-campus resident, check out our Green Living Guide and learn how you can be more sustainable in your suite or apartment.

You can even get your space Green Living Certified! The process is easy—contact us and you’ll receive recommendations from the EcoNauts about how to live more sustainably. The more you do, the more points you earn toward becoming certified.

Sustainable Dining

There are many ways that our food choices contribute to sustainability.

Visit the Dining Services website to learn more about where our food comes from.

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce


Recycling is actually just as easy as throwing something in the trash- help the environment by recycling your items!

Green Outlet Program

Through the Green Outlet Program, you can recycle materials that cannot go into single-stream recycling (and would otherwise go to the landfill). Check with your Reslife office to see if they offer this program. If they don’t, contact us!

These items are accepted:

Electronics, Batteries, and Alternate Recycling

Keep electronics, lead, and other toxic metals out of UC San Diego trash by properly disposing it. A comprehensive list of what you can recycle (and how) is located on BLINK.


With your help, reusing can divert over 500,000 single-use plastic items from the landfill each year!



Check out our Green Living Guide for more tips and tricks.


Energy and Carbon Emissions

Use alternative transportation, including dockless bikes, UCSD shuttles, the bus, Zipcar, biking, and walking. For more visit

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