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RA Incentive Program

Its as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Win points by scheduling events with the Econauts!
  2. The college with the most points at the end of each quarter wins.
  3. Each RA in the winning college gets a VISA giftcard

Here’s some more info on the RA Incentive program:

RAs should stay tuned for emails regarding extra points for events such as Sixth Week Swap, promotions like our Zero Waste campaign, and holidays such as Earth Week.

Points are awarded to each residential area (6 colleges and the Village) based on RA collaboration and resident attendance at RA scheduled Econaut programs. VISA gift cards are awarded to all RAs in the residential area that has the most points by week 10 during Fall and Winter quarter and week 8 during Spring quarter. The college with the most overall points by week 8 Spring quarter will receive the HDH Sustainability Award at the Rezzies! To participate, schedule one of the events below— or work with us to create your own sustainable-minded event! Email to find out more.

Event Menu

When requesting a program, please pick one Educational Component and one Activity Component.

Educational Component (Pick one)

Focus: See how sustainable your apartment or suite is, and learn new habits that can save you money and lower your environmental footprint.

Includes: Quick online survey, feedback from the EcoNauts, and mini succulents as gifts, courtesy of Roger’s Garden!

Time: 5-minute space check per suite/apartment, 15 minutes of feedback.

RA Incentive Program: +1 additional point per suite/apartment certified!

Note: Please request at least 3 weeks in advance.

Focus: Learn how to properly dispose and recycle through a fun game!

Includes: Game board and cards

Time: 20 minutes full, 5 minutes express

Focus: Learn how your day to day activities can impact your water usage, and how you can reduce your water usage!

Includes: National Geographic's interactive water use calculator *projector required

Time: 10 minutes

Focus: Test your knowledge on water conservation and learn some new fun facts and ways to help conserve water!

Includes: Game board and question cards

Time: 20 minutes full, 5 minutes express

Focus: Learn about how to conserve resources and reduce waste by changing your eating habits and choices!

Includes: Sustainable foods jeopardy, fair trade ecoGrounds coffee and tea tasting

Time: 20 minutes full, 5 minutes express

Focus: Learn how to reduce your carbon foot print and make your way around San Diego by way of the MTS!

Includes: Interactive game and map of San Diego *great for incoming students!

Time: 3 minutes per student

Focus: Learn about how to conserve resources and reduce waste by changing your day to day actions and choices!

Includes: Sustainable Lifestyle Bingo, Sustainable Crafts Activity

Time: 20 minutes full, 5 minutes express

Activity Component (Pick one)

Focus: Reduce the amount of single use bags students bring onto campus

Includes: Canvas bags, fabric paint, and fabric markers

Time: 5 minutes

Focus: Reduce the usage of single-use, non-recyclable coffee cups

Includes: HDH travel coffee mugs and decorating paint

Time: 20-30 minutes

*EcoGrounds Fair Trade Coffee & Tea may be provided at any program upon request (will be provided at Sustainable Eats by default)

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