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Meet the EcoNauts

Colin Moynihan
HDH Sustainability Manager
Staff Photo: Colin

Colin is the latest addition to HDH’s sustainability department. As an alumnus of UC San Diego and former Econaut, Colin brings a technical background of sustainability to HDH with a BS in Environmental Engineering, and research and project experience in energy and mechanical engineering. In addition to fostering a culture of sustainability among students and staff across campus, Colin’s responsibilities include identifying areas for departmental sustainability improvements, serving on sustainability committees for new building developments, and acting as an HDH liaison to campus sustainability groups, efforts, and projects.

To contact Colin, please email

Staff Photo: Narayan

Narayan, hailing from beautiful Orange County, loves the outdoors. He is a fourth year aerospace engineer. When it comes to sustainability, he has particular interest in renewable energy. His interest in sustainability comes from wanting to save the planet. When Narayan isn’t trying to save it, he can be found playing basketball, hiking, chilling at the beach, and cooking. Narayan dreams of traveling to space, and also wants to own a food truck. The last thing to know about Narayan is that he likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Staff Photo: Natalia

Natalia is a second year student at UCSD majoring in biochemistry and molecular biology. Coming from the glorious state capital of California, she has come to sunny San Diego to spread awareness as an Econaut. She hopes to educate UCSD students about eco-friendly lifestyle habits, and enhance sustainable living on and off campus. When she is not busy living her best zero-waste life, she enjoys balancing her checkbook, becoming one with nature, and daydreaming about organizing her spice rack! A little fun fact about Natalia is that her vocal chords can go from Whitney Houston to Mickey Mouse.

Staff Photo: Shannon

Shannon escaped from the crazy housing prices in San Francisco and is now a second year environmental policy student. She became an Econaut because she believes that sustainability is for everyone. Therefore, Shannon strives to spread ecological awareness and lifestyle changes within the entire UCSD population. In addition to her pursuit of a greener campus, Shannon aspires to visit every Disneyland park in the world, play hide and seek at IKEA, drink boba daily, and live in an eco-friendly smart home. Fun fact: Shannon’s spirit animal is a pug because her favorite pastimes include eating and sleeping!

Staff Photo: Mayuri

Mayuri is a first year Econaut and a fourth year UCSD student. She’s majoring in Public Health and hopes to become a pediatrician in the future. Her interest in sustainability stems from the desire to educate students on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. The Earth can live without us, but we cannot live without the Earth. Some of her favorite things to do in her free time is hiking early in the morning, reading all types of books, relaxing at the beach, and traveling the world. On top of her bucket list is stepping foot on all seven continents!

Staff Photo: Heer

Heer is a second year Econaut and a third year UCSD student. She believes the root of sustainability is preserving earth’s natural places, because spending time in nature as well as appreciating and preserving earth’s beauty builds caring, selfless and genuinely happy people. Some of Heer’s lifelong goals include: living on every continent, going deep sea diving, and getting a Disney movie made about her life. When she’s not chasing her dreams, Heer can be found lounging in her hammock, eating burritos bigger than her face, and aggressively playing monopoly.

Staff Photo: Elena

Meet Elena! This is her second year as an Econaut. She joined the Econauts to become more involved in promoting sustainability and educating those in the San Diego community about environmental issues. Elena is a third year molecular biology major, but her real passions lie in the overconsumption of hot Cheetos, and excessively tagging people in Facebook memes. When she isn’t hosting Rihanna dance parties in the office or spending hours watching dog videos, Elena’s goal is to make a lasting impact in her community and improve the lives of others.

Staff Photo: Christy

Coming from the very well-known small town of Sebastopol, California, Christy is an environmental systems second year pursuing a minor in environmental studies. As a first-year Econaut, she hopes to make a tangible increase in students’ awareness in sustainable living, and wants to contribute to a more sustainable-minded atmosphere on campus. Her interest in sustainability translates to her everyday life in which she daydreams of planting a garden, teaching environmental education to primary school children, and exploring the outdoors. Her hobbies include, but are not limited to, her endless search for more foster puppies and kittens, her pursuit of a perfect cup of coffee, and her quest to collect every color of Washi Tape.

Staff Photo: Dante

Dante is a first year student and a first year Econaut. Always ahead of the curve, Dante joined the Econauts before he even started college, hoping to encourage others to live environmentally-conscious lives and to keep the earth beautiful for generations to come. Dante eventually wants to be a Forensic Scientist, but don’t let that fool you; Dante is as goofy as they come! His favorite show is Jane the Virgin, he loves music video parodies and yo mama jokes, and he thrives on running!

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