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Meet the EcoNauts

Krista Mays
HDH Sustainability Manager
Staff Photo: Krista

Krista Mays is HDH’s resident expert when it comes to all things recycling, reducing, and reusing. She cultivated her experience as the Environmental Resource Manager with Facilities Management and Auxiliary Plant Services—her responsibilities now include fostering a culture of sustainability among HDH customers and student residents. Krista identifies and prioritizes areas for departmental sustainability efforts, implements and evaluates any efforts undertaken, and serves as a department liaison to campus-wide sustainability committees and efforts.

To contact Krista, please email

Samantha Forrest
Staff Photo: Samantha

Sam is a bright and cheerful person and her energy is contagious! She is very passionate about her current involvement in creating a branch of the Food Recovery Network here at UCSD. This is linked to her interest in reducing food waste (and waste in general) with a particular appeal towards re-purposing and reusing what is thought of as 'waste'. Sam says, "Saying that a physical thing which we created from natural resources has an end, is sort of interesting. It came from the earth, and we took those things from the earth to make it, so why can't it be returned to the earth?”

Nina Joshi
Staff Photo: Nina

Nina is currently a 4th year majoring in Physiology & Neuroscience, looking for a career involving healthcare. Having grown up in a sustainable family, she is inspired to promote a lifestyle and mentality that will preserve our Earth’s precious resources. Because of her love for scenic environments, hiking, and traveling, protecting the environment is extremely important to her! She’s pretty content with being an EcoNaut and having exciting sustainable adventures, but if you want to win her heart, bring her some delicious sandwiches, savory soup, coffee, or just take her on a sample journey through Costco.

Charles Adams
Staff Photo: Charles

Mr. Charles Alexander Adams comes to us from Hollister, California, where he dreamt of becoming an ecologist for the national park service in Yosemite (which is pretty specific for a kid, but, that’s Charles!) He came down to SoCal to grace us with his many talents, which includes juggling being a Lambda Chi brother, an RA, an Environmental Systems major AND an Econaut. He even got his leg run over once, but channeling his inner Leslie Knope, walked away without breaking a bone, proving to be some kind of super-human. Despite all this work, Charles (or Chaz Michael Michael as he is known in the office) manages to maintain his chill. During his “me-time” Chaz enjoys hiking and the occasional ice skating session. He is also always down for the obscure photograph with a watermelon.

Elena Estrada
Staff Photo: Elena

Meet Elena! This is her first year as an Econaut. She joined the econauts to become more involved in promoting sustainability and educating those in the San Diego community about environmental issues. Elena is a second year, majoring in Molecular Biology, but her real passions lie in the overconsumption of hot cheetos, and excessively tagging people in Facebook memes. When she isn’t holding Rihanna dance parties in the office or spending hours watching dog videos, Elena’s goal is to make a lasting impact in her community and improve life for others.

Heer Amin
Staff Photo: Heer

Heer is a first year Econaut and a second year UCSD student. She believes the root of sustainability is preserving earth’s natural places, because spending time in nature as well as appreciating and preserving earth’s beauty builds caring, selfless and genuinely happy people. Some of Heer’s lifelong goals include: living on every continent, going deep sea diving, and getting a disney movie made about her life. When she’s not chasing her dreams, Heer can be found lounging in her hammock, eating burritos bigger than her face, and aggressively playing monopoly.

Narayan Okuma
Staff Photo: Narayan

Narayan, hailing from beautiful Orange County, loves the outdoors. He is a third year Aerospace Engineer. When it comes to sustainability, he has particular interest in renewable energy. His interest in sustainability comes from wanting to save the planet. When Narayan isn’t trying to save the planet, he can be found playing Basketball, hiking, at the beach and cooking. Narayan dreams of traveling to space, and also wants to own a food truck. The last thing to know about Narayan is that he likes Piña Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Dante Webster
Staff Photo: Dante

Dante is a first year student and a first year Econaut. Always ahead of the curve, Dante joined the Econauts before he even started college, hoping to encourage others to live environmentally-conscious lives and and to keep the earth beautiful for generations to come. Dante eventually wants to be a Forensic Scientist, but don’t let that fool you; Dante is as goofy as they come! His favorite show is Jane the Virgin, he loves music video parodies and yo mama jokes, and he thrives on running!

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