Maintenance & Custodial

Maintenance FAQs

How long will it take to respond to my request?

It depends on whether or not your request is an emergency! Anything in your living space that is a life safety hazard or could cause damage to personal belongings or the living unit must be reported immediately to 858.534.2600 and will be handled as soon as possible. Please call for any alarms, smell of smoke or natural gas, flooding, and/or lock issues as soon as you notice them. Response to all other repair requests will be handled at the earliest possible opportunity.

It’s a holiday! Are you open? Will you respond to my request?

Our emergency phone lines are open on holidays at 858.534.2600. We have limited maintenance staff on duty to respond to your requests. Online requests will not be available on the holidays.

When is the best time to call about my e-lock battery?

You should call us as soon as you notice the light is blinking. That will ensure that the battery does not die before one of our maintenance staff can get to your location to change the battery. If you call on your way out, we should be able to fix the problem before you return. If you are calling because you are locked out due to a dead e-lock battery, let us know so that we can send someone out as soon as possible.

What are the lock out procedures for ResHalls/Apartments?

If you are locked out due to a dead e-lock battery, call 858.534.2600 and we will send one of our maintenance staff members to replace the battery. If you are locked out because you forgot your key, you will need to contact the RA on duty for your campus and follow the Residential Life lockout procedures. If you are located in the ARCH community, you will need to contact your Leasing Office for access.

How do I work the air conditioning unit in my room/apartment?

The units at UCSD do not include air conditioning. We rely on the mild temperature of La Jolla and our proximity to the ocean breeze to keep our units comfortable. Units have heating in the common areas and individual wall heaters. Please don’t confuse turning on your heater for air conditioning!

Will I be charged to have maintenance fix something?

Maintenance and custodial services are included in your Housing contract with the understanding that any issues caused due to negligence will be reported to your Residential Life Office.

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