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Summer housing

Summer housing

Summer Success

Summer Housing for students that are accepted into a Summer Success Program. Please do not apply for summer housing until you have been directed to by your Program Coordinator.

Summer Success Programs: Summer Academy in the Arts & Humanities, Triton Freshman Scholars, Triton Sophomore Scholars, Summer Engineering Institute, and Summer Bridge.

Apartment units are furnished and include kitchens with refrigerators and stoves. Residence hall units are furnished but do not include kitchens or refrigerators and stoves. All bedrooms include a bed, desk, chair, closet/wardrobe, and bookshelf for each resident. Laundry facilities are located in the complex. Linens, including blankets and pillows, are not provided.


Summer Housing is for students that are accepted into a Summer Success Program. Please do not apply for summer housing until you have been directed to by your Program Coordinator.

Summer Success Programs: Summer Academy in the Arts & Humanities, Triton Freshman Scholars, Triton Sophomore Scholars, Summer Engineering Institute, and Summer Bridge.

Contract Process

Once Housing is notified that you were accepted into a Summer Success Program, we will reach out to you via your UC San Diego email account with instructions for completing your summer housing contract online.  This will include providing emergency contact information and electronically signing the summer housing contract. Please pay attention to those emails and deadlines as there will be quick turn-around for this information.

Living On Campus

We will continue to update this section on what to expect for living on-campus at Revelle or Muir College. Stay tuned for more information coming your way shortly!  To acces the Summer Portal:

  • Visit the Summer Housing Portal
  • Log in with Username/Password
  • Click on the "Summer Housing Application, Checklist, Change and Cancellation Requests" link

Move-In Maps

To help you reach your destination for your Summer Success Program, visit the Summer Portal and click on the "MyRoomAssignment & Move In Information" button.

Campus Mailing 

You will be assigned a campus PO Box.  Your mailing address is available when you view your online assignment information. Mail and package deliverable will begin on July 1, 2019.  Mail and packages will be available at the parcel center located in your housing area (Revelle or Muir) and can be picked up between 10am and 2pm Monday through Friday.


The Laundry Machines in the Residence Halls and Apartments are NOT coin operated; however, you can pay conveniently with your Laundry account on your campus ID card. 

The Laundry account is the prepaid spending account for all undergraduate residents; you add whatever amount you like through the Online Card Office and the balance is linked to your campus ID card.  Summer Success Program Students can begin adding money on/after the following dates:  Summer Session 1 - after June 28th and Summer Session 2 - after August 2nd.

Laundry machines use High Efficiency (HE) Detergent.

  • Wash is $1.25 per wash
  • Dry is $1.00, extra 15 minutes .25

If you have any questions regarding your Laundry account, please contact Triton Card Accounts Services (TCAS) at 858.534.7587 or

Connecting to ResNet

For instructions on how to connect to the internet in your Apartment or Residence Hall please visit the Res Net "Get Connected" Instructional web page.

Housing and Residential Life Policies

Please see the Housing and Residential Life Policies and be familiar with them while you live on campus this summer.

University Centers

As you enjoy your summer with us, check out a few items available to you at the University Centers Shops & Services.

Triton Cash

Triton Cash is the University's pre-paid spending account that is linked directly to your campus ID card so check out Triton Cash for more information on what's available this summer.


Important Deadlines

Information will be emailed to students who are accepted into a Summer Success Program on how to complete your housing contract. Due dates are currently below:

Summer Success Program Contract Deadline
Arts & Humanities June 10th
Triton Freshman Scholars June 10th
Triton Sophomore Scholars June 10th
Summer Engineering Institute July 15th
Summer Bridge July 15th

Move-In Dates

Summer Success Program Move-In Dates**
Arts & Humanities June 29th - 9am to 4pm
Triton Freshman Scholars June 29th - 9am to 4pm
Triton Sophomore Scholars June 29th - 9am to 4pm
Summer Engineering Institute August 3rd - 9am to 4pm
Summer Bridge August 3rd - 9am to 4pm

**Students in Summer Success Programs will see their room assignment and information online about one week prior to move-in.

Summer Dining

Your summer dining allows you to dine at all UC San Diego dining facilities that will be open over the summer (Cafe Ventanas, Pines and 64 Degrees). Dining involves three (3) “ meal swipes” per day that will allow you to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Please be advised that if you do not use all of your swipes per day that you will lose them as they will not roll over to the next day. When dining at a UC San Diego dining facility you must identify yourself as “summer session” to the cashier when paying for your meal.

Check out updated information at UC San Diego Dining Services locations for the duration of your summer stay. Dining cannot be changed, dropped, refunded, or transferred to Triton Cash.

Visit the Summer Dining website for more information.


Contact Information

Important numbers and contact information will be updated here closer to June 1.

Extended Housing Program (Post Summer Housing / Pre-Academic school year)

Summer students contracted for Summer Housing with a contract end date of Saturday, September 7th, and who will also be housed on campus for the upcoming 2019/20 academic year, will have the option to remain on campus through their fall move-in date of Saturday, September 21st. The Extended Housing Program contract dates are September 8th through September 20th. The application process for Extended Housing will not take place until the middle of August. Eligible students will be contacted the middle of August and asked to sign their Extended Housing Addendum contract.

Students eligible for the program will remain in their allocated summer space from September 8th through September 12th. Students will move from their summer space on Thursday September 12th and move to their permanent space for the academic year the same day. Students will not be authorized to participate in the Extended Housing Program if they cannot adhere to the designated move in date of September 12th. Students cannot move earlier and cannot move later than September 12th. There will be no exceptions.

Extended Housing will not have dining provided from September 8th to September 20th.


9/9 through 9/12— Cost will be based on your summer room rate only

Single $ 36.50 per Day
Double $ 32.50 per Day
Triple $ 29.50 per Day

9/13 through 9/20— Cost will be based on your fall room rate only****

****Fall room rates will be posted by May 1.

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