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Room Selection

Welcome to Room Selection 2020! This is the place to check out the important dates, application details, deadlines and housing area previews! Check back frequently for updates and be sure to be familiar with the process.


UPDATE:  July 23, 2020 - An email was sent out this morning notifying those students with active housing contracts for Room Selection 2020 that we are moving forward with Room Selection.  You'll be able to to log into the Room Selection Portal to view your assigned lottery date and time and available space for your Room Selection Community!


How do I know if I'm eligible for Room Selection 2020?

Room Selection Portal

Room Selection: Things To Review - NEW - Update FAQ's 



If you've completed your Room Selection 2020 Application including your housing contract and $450 prepayment and are no longer wanting to live on campus, you can cancel your 2020-21 Housing Contract by going to the Room Selection Portal. Please read the Cancellation Fee & Schedule for more information.


Important Dates:

*You will be able to add roommates/apartment-mates during Room Selection Sign-Up.