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When the housing contract is issued, you must electronically sign and make the $450 prepayment by midnight on the stated due date. You may submit your $450 prepayment via E-Check, Credit Card or payment coupon with paper check.



If you choose to "E-Check,"compare one of your checks to the examples below. Find the one that most closely resembles your check and identify your ROUTING NUMBER and ACCOUNT NUMBER.

NOTE: Do NOT include the CHECK NUMBER as part of the ACCOUNT NUMBER.

Not sure? Contact your bank or use your bank statement to verify your ACCOUNT NUMBER.

Diagram: Checks

Please note: The Room Selection housing prepayment E-Check process is different and completely separate from the TritonLink billing system (where you currently pay your monthly university billing statement). You will not be able to use any of your currently saved TritonLink E-Check payment profiles to submit your housing prepayment. Please review the Room Selection E-Check instructions carefully to ensure that you have everything you’ll need to complete this step.

By using E-Check, you can electronically submit your $450 prepayment. Make sure you have your bank’s routing number and your checking account number. When you have completed making your E-Check payment, you will receive a separate email from the vendor with a confirmation number. Please make sure to keep this number. Your funds will be debited from your checking account within 2-5 business days if the process is successful.

If your E-Check payment is unable to be processed, you will receive an email from the vendor indicating that you will need to correct the error and remake your payment. The Housing Administrative Services Office may also contact you if there are issues with your E-Check payment.

Credit Card

If you choose to "Pay by Credit Card," you will be charged a 2.75% Service Fee for processing your payment. This means that the Service Fee amount is calculated based on 2.75% of your total payment amount. The 2.75% Service Fee is added to your payment and will appear as a separate item on your credit or debit card statement. The Service Fee is not a fee assessed by your institution. The Service Fee is not refundable, even if the payment to which it relates is canceled, refunded, credited or charged back. By using this service you agree to pay the service fee. You should receive a confirmation email from QuikPay Online Services with a confirmation number, to the email address provided during the Credit Card process.  If you do not receive a confirmation of payment via email, you did not complete the process.  Please double check to ensure you completed this step.

Pay By Coupon

If you choose the payment coupon option, your $450 paper check and payment coupon must be delivered in a sealed envelope to the Housing Administrative Services Office located on the 2nd floor of the HDH Administration Building (located near the Revelle Residence Halls) or at the night drop deposit box at the Cashier’s Office no later than midnight on the stated due date.  All paper checks must be made payable to “UC Regents.” Please write your PID number on the front of the check. Cash is not accepted. DO NOT MAIL YOUR $450 PREPAYMENT AND PAYMENT COUPON!


By signing the Housing Contract electronically, you are agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions set forth in the Housing Contract which are legally binding for the entire 2021-2022 Academic Year.


We highly recommend that you also print out a copy of the housing contract (available during the housing contract process). 


Housing Contract Cancellation Policy

Details available in May/June 2021

Students that successfully sign a housing contract issued for the 2021-22 academic year will find details on the cancellation policy including instruction and applicable dates below.


IMPORTANT:  Cancellation Policy no longer applies after you check in and obtain your keys.  Contract Termination Policies (see Termination Policy, section 7 in the Housing Contract) apply thereafter.