Housing for Incoming Undergraduates

Housing Contract Process

The housing contract process to secure your 2017-18 On-Campus Housing space is now available. The process consists of the following 4 steps: (1) submit Emergency Contact information, (2) fill out the Personal History Form, (3) electronically sign the Housing Contract, and (4) submit the $450 housing prepayment. You will have until June 28, 2017 to complete the process. Due to high demand, all deadlines and requirements will be strictly enforced and can’t be appealed. Missing this deadline will void your housing guarantee.

While we do encourage you to do this process sooner than later, there is no priority given to those who complete the process early. As long as the process is completed by the deadline date, you are guaranteed a space on campus.

We know that where you choose to live is important to your college experience. While we hope that you choose to live on campus with us, it is optional and not a requirement. To help you make an informed decision, here is some important housing information:

If you have any questions regarding the process, please reach out to us before the deadline date. We can be reached at either 858-534-4010 or via email at housinginfo@ucsd.edu.

If you are ready to begin the process, here’s what you need to do —

Log onto myapplication.ucsd.edu with your User ID/PID and Password. This will get you to MyApplication Checklist. The first item on your Checklist is Housing. Click on “View Your Housing Status,” and then click on the link to the housing contract. Student traffic on the campus servers is usually highest the first week so the screens might lag.

  1. Submit Emergency Contact Information - It is mandatory to add an Emergency Contact Person or you will be unable to proceed. You must enter both an address and telephone number. The phone number must be 10 digits (area code + phone number). For International phone numbers that are greater than 10 digits, please enter 999-999-9999. We will give you another opportunity to provide your phone number before move in.

    If you need to edit your Permanent Address, you will need to log into your TritonLink account at tritonlink.ucsd.edu (click on “TritonLink Tools,” then scroll down and click on “Addresses” in the “Personal & Career Tools” section). We recommend that you complete the housing contract process before you head over to TritonLink to change your permanent address.

  2. Personal History Form – Answer all required questions honestly. With regards to the housing installment payment plan, you will have three options available to you (Quarterly, Monthly, or Pay In Full). If you are a student who will be receiving financial aid funds (grants, loans, scholarships), please select the QUARTERLY payment plan option. This ensures your housing charges will post at the same time that your financial aid will disburse. If you would like to review the various payment plan options and due dates, please visit our Rates and Services page.

  3. Electronically Sign Housing Contract – Please carefully review the 2017-18 housing contract and cancellation policy, paying particular attention to Sections 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 12 of the housing contract. Print the Contract and Cancellation PDF files supplied above the “I Agree” check box. Click on the “I Agree” check box and click on the Submit button. Confirm your commitment to enter into the Housing Contract by clicking on the Agree and Continue to Next Step button.

    The appendices referred to in the body of the Housing contract include such items as the Cancellation Policy, the Cost and Payment Schedule, and the Housing Calendar. Copies of the Housing Contract and Appendices are available by visiting our HDH website. We strongly suggest that you view and print copies of these documents for easy access as they are very informative.

    If you are under 18 years as of the date you completed the contract process, please make sure you have entered a parent/legal guardian email address at tritonlink.ucsd.edu (look for the “TritonLink Tools” on the right hand side and click on “Addresses” in the “Personal & Career Tools” section).

  4. Make $450 Prepayment – Decide whether you would like to pay electronically (using your U.S. Bank account and routing number) or via paper check (money order, cashier’s check, bank or personal check). For electronic payment, select “Pay by E-Check.” For paper check, select “Pay by Coupon.”

    If you choose to “Pay by E-Check,” be sure to complete the entire process. You should receive a confirmation email from QuikPay Online Services with a confirmation number, to the email address provided during the E-Check process. If you do not receive a confirmation of payment via email, you did not complete the process. Please double check to ensure you completed this step. Please contact your bank to verify that the routing and account number you are using is correct for making e-check payments. It may take one day for the university to receive the funds and for this to be complete on your housing contract checklist, but can take 3-7 days to be withdrawn from your account. Do not use the numbers on your debit/credit card as the account number.

    If you plan to pay using a paper check (“Pay By Coupon”), you can either mail the paper check (with the payment coupon attached) or walk it into our office. Please make all checks payable to “UC Regents” and write your PID# on the front of the check. If you plan to mail the check, please allow approximately 7-10 business days to ensure delivery by the deadline date. We also strongly recommend that you get delivery confirmation so you can confirm your check arrived safely. If there are less than 7 business days to our deadline, we strongly suggest you use FedEx, DHL, or UPS to deliver 2-Day Guarantee or Overnight depending on how close you are to the deadline. The payment must be in our office by June 28, 2017. We do not accept postmark dates or late mail.

    Our Mailing Address is:
    UCSD Housing Administrative Services
    HDH Services Bldg., 2nd Floor
    9500 Gilman Drive MC 0382
    La Jolla, CA 92093-0382

    Diagram: echeck

    If you plan to hand deliver the payment, we are located on the Revelle Campus (west side of UC San Diego), in the HDH Services Building, 2nd Floor. We are open between the hours of 8am-4:30pm Monday through Friday. If needed, there is a 24 hour Night Deposit Box outside the Campus Cashier’s Office, located off of Myers Drive on the ground floor (south side) of the Student Services Center Building. Be sure to include the Payment Coupon with your check.

    If you are out of the country and do not have a United States based bank account, there is an “International Payment-Western Union” option. UC San Diego has contracted with Travelex-Western Union, a specialist in international payments to provide you with a simple and low cost method of paying fees and pre-payments to UCSD in your own currency. When going through the Travelex process, please make sure to fill in your personal address information based on where you are currently physically located and select your local bank from the drop-down menu. Whichever bank is listed on the top section of the payment instructions is the bank you will need to utilize to make the payment. Not all banks have a negotiated or trusted agreement with Western Union, so the system will only direct you to an approved bank. Once you have completed the Travelex process, please scan and email your transaction confirmation receipt (along with your PID) to housingcontracts@ucsd.edu. Your receipt must be received by our office no later than June 28, 2017. Please note that your housing contract and space assignment is not guaranteed until your funds have cleared the University accounting system (which may take up to 30 days).

If you have any questions or need any assistance from our office, please email us at housinginfo@ucsd.edu (be sure to include your full name and PID) or give us a call at 858-534-4010.

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