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Housing for Incoming Undergraduates

Housing Contract Process

Once the Housing Contract Process begins, you will be able to access it by logging into the Housing Portal with your User ID/PID and password (same login as Triton Checklist). 

Due to high demand, all deadlines and requirements will be strictly enforced and can’t be appealed. No exceptions will be made. 

While we do encourage you to do this process sooner than later, there is no priority given to those who complete the process early. We expect there to be quite a bit of web activity on the first day, so you may experience some system delays.  If so, please try again later. We also highly advise against completing the process between the hours of 12 am PST – 7 am PST. The campus is running production/technical jobs during this time frame which may cause an update delay. Please try to complete the process outside of these hours.

We know that where you choose to live is important to your college experience. While we hope that you choose to live on campus with us, living on campus is optional and is not a requirement. To help you make an informed decision, here is some important housing information:

If you have any questions regarding the housing contract process, please reach out to us at either 858.534.4010 or via email at

Housing Contract Process 

The Housing Contract process consists of completing a Personal History Form, electronically signing the housing contract, and submitting the $450 housing prepayment. Once you have completed the entire housing contract process (including the $450 housing prepayment), you will have secured your space on campus for the academic year.

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