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Housing for Incoming Undergraduates

Housing Contract

Housing • Dining • Hospitality (HDH), in collaboration with UC San Diego and the individual colleges and residential life programs, stand behind promoting and strengthening the Residential College System and the community as a whole.

We believe that living on campus greatly enhances the college experience. When you choose to live at UC San Diego, you grow and benefit from staff trained to create an environment that supports living and learning. It’s the best way to get involved in campus life and build strong friendships.

We truly believe that our high caliber program will play a vital role in your happiness and success at UC San Diego, because your overall college experience is as important to us as it is to you.

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Housing Access during academic breaks: If you are assigned to a Residence Hall style unit, you will be required to leave the premises during Winter break (see dates below); student belongings may remain. The Residence Halls will be open during Spring Break and students will have full access to their space. Students assigned to Apartment units will have full access during both breaks; student belongings may remain. Contact your Residence Life office for questions about access during breaks.

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