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Housing for Current Undergrad Residents


Housing Waitlist Contract Move-in Info/What to Bring General Questions
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Housing Waitlist

Once I submit my Housing Waitlist Application, how long will I be on the Housing Waitlist?

In the event a vacancy arises, students will be contacted the moment we are able to offer you a space. Please note: submitting a Housing Waitlist application does not guarantee you a space on campus. If you are not offered a space for the quarter in which you applied, you will need to reapply the following quarter. Your Housing Waitlist application does not roll over into the next quarter.

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Is it possible to be released from my Housing contract?

Prior to move-in/check-in (before you pick up your keys), you can cancel your housing contract by logging into the Housing Portal and submitting a cancellation form. Please be sure to review the Cancellation Policy so you are aware of our cancellation fees. 

Once you check-in and pick up your keys, you can no longer cancel your housing contract and must submit an early contract termination request. These are reviewed on a case by case basis and exceptions are usually only granted for extenuating circumstances. To begin the contract termination request process, please visit your Residential Life Office.

Per the housing contract you signed, you are financially responsible for your space through the term of the contract (end of the academic year) until you are approved for termination. If you are denied approval, you will be provided instructions on how to appeal.

 Please Note: Cancelling or early termination of your housing contract will void your housing guarantee.

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Move-In Information/What To Bring

When can I move in?

Your Housing contract begins Saturday, September 21, 2019; all information pertaining to move-in will be included in the welcome letter that is scheduled to be emailed to students in late August/early September.

College Welcome Letters

The UC San Diego Residential Life Offices will send out Welcome Letters late August/early September. Your Welcome Letter will provide you with important information about move-in week, things to plan on and where you can check your room assignment and roommate information. Contact your Residential Life Office with questions.

What should I bring?

Bring your own towels, pillow, bedding to fit an extra-long twin bed (36" x 80"), a non-halogen desk lamp, fan, computer, power surge protector, and personal first aid kit.

Once you receive your room assignment in August, it’s a GREAT idea to check with roommates and figure out who will bring larger items to share. Some residents like to purchase items together once they move in. Examples include:

  • mini refrigerator (smaller than five cubic feet with a safe UL-approved electrical system)
  • microwave
  • iPod & MP3 Player
  • television
  • printer
  • mini-vacuum
  • Bike Lock – U Shaped (see UCPD website)

Can I bring a refrigerator or microwave?

Yes, one small refrigerator is allowed in each room. It must be smaller than five cubic feet and have a safe UL-approved electrical system. Microwaves may also be brought. Check with roommates to make sure you don’t duplicate items.

Move-Out Information

Remember, at the end of the year you are responsible for removing all of the items you "move-in"! Donation bins, recycling, and trash dumpsters will be available, but we do not offer storage on campus. Keep this in mind when you're bringing items to campus in the fall!

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Housing Guarantee

What is the Housing guarantee?

All first-year incoming freshmen and incoming transfer students admitted to UC San Diego in Fall 2019 are eligible for guaranteed Housing space for two years (six consecutive academic year quarters, beginning with Fall 2019 and excluding summers) if their housing applications and housing contracts are turned in by their respective deadlines. First-year incoming freshmen are defined as new students entering UC San Diego in the fall, directly from high school. Incoming transfer students are defined as a new student entering UC San Diego in the fall.

How do I keep my Housing guarantee and not lose it?

To keep your housing guarantee, you must continuously reside on campus for the entire academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarter, excluding summer) and meet all housing deadlines. Moving off-campus for any length of time other than quarter breaks, summer, UC San Diego-sponsored exchange program, or a military training/deployment voids your Housing guarantee.

Please note: Regents Scholars, Jacobs School of Engineering Scholars, Chancellor’s Entering Freshmen Scholars, and Chancellor’s Associate Scholars who meet all first-year incoming freshmen student deadlines are guaranteed twelve consecutive academic year quarters in campus Housing as long as they continue to meet scholarship and Housing guarantee criteria. Moving off-campus for any length of time other than quarter breaks, summer, or a UC San Diego-sponsored exchange program voids your Housing guarantee.

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How can I get phone service?

Very few of our residents subscribe to a landline. If you would like to make arrangements for regular telephone service, please contact your Residential Life Office for instructions. If you would like a phone and answering machine, be sure to bring them with you.

Are there computer labs available?

Computer labs are available throughout campus. Printing is also available. To find the computer lab closest to you, UC San Diego has an online Computer Lab Lookup tool available.

How do I pay to do my laundry?

Washers and dryers are conveniently located in or near each residential housing facility. Check with your specific Residential Life Office for locations or visit our Laundry page for detailed information.

You will need to deposit funds into your Triton Cash account in order to pay for laundry. A Triton Cash account will automatically be activated for all residents prior to move-in. To make view your Triton Cash balance or make a deposit at any time, please visit the Online Card Office. If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to set up an Online Card Office profile to access your Triton Cash Account. For more information about Triton Cash or the Online Card Office, please visit:

Will housekeeping clean my room?

All on-campus Housing facilities include some level of cleaning service each week. Cleaning is restricted to public areas including living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Residents are responsible for the cleaning of their private sleeping areas and taking out their trash. Vacuums are available at each Residential Life Office, but residents may consider bringing their own mini-vacuum.

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General Questions

Do I need to have renters insurance for my campus living space?

Although not mandatory, it is highly recommended that you carry renters insurance to protect your personal property (such as computers and other valuables). Here is a link that is specifically designed for UC San Diego renters:

Can I stay on campus during Winter or Spring Break?

Students are not allowed to stay in the residence halls during Winter Break. However, apartment residents may stay on campus during this time. All facilities will be open and available for students to stay in during Spring Break.

If parents come to visit, where can they stay?

La Jolla offers many hotels; the Marriott, Radisson, and Hyatt have locations near the campus.

How can I get around campus?

Transportation and Parking Services offers numerous free campus shuttles to help students get around, both on and off-campus. Please visit their website for more information.

Do you have housing for Undergraduate couples and families?

All student couples and families are housed in our Graduate and Family communities. Contact our office at 858-534-4010 or for more information regarding the couples/family housing application/contract process.

How do I obtain a housing verification (for Cal-Fresh, Off-campus lease, DMV, or Bank)?

Students can request a housing verification by either sending an email to or visiting us in person at our office located on the second floor of the HDH Administration Building in Revelle College.

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Dining Plan

When do I select my Dining Plan?

All current residents will be asked to select a Dining Plan (from the available options, depending on their room type) in late July/early August. More information regarding the various Dining Plan options will be sent to all residents over the summer.

Can I change my Dining Plan?

You will have an opportunity to change your dining plan at the beginning of Fall Quarter. Please log into the Housing Portal for more information. After this time frame has passed, we will no longer allow any changes to the dining plan.

When does my Dining Plan expire?

As long as you live on campus for the entire term of your housing contract, your dining plan will remain active and roll over through Fall Quarter of the following academic year (i.e. 2019-20 residents will be able to use their dining plans through December 2020). If you are approved for early termination, your dining plan will expire on your approved contract termination date. 

Please note: We do prorate your housing and dining charges if you are approved for early termination. If you need to request a termination Please contact our office at or 858-534-4010 for more information

I was approved for early termination. How does that affect my Dining Plan?

If you applied for early termination and were approved, your housing and dining will be prorated based on your approved contract termination date. This means that we’ll adjust your dining plan based on the total number of days you lived on campus. If you used more than that prorated amount, we’ll bill you for that extra over-usage. Your dining plan will remain active through your approved contract termination date and we’ll close your dining plan account after that.

Can I cancel my Dining Plan?

Our Housing and Dining plan is a comprehensive room and board program. The Dining Plan cannot be changed, dropped, refunded, or transferred to Triton Cash.

How do I check my Dining Dollar balance? Can I purchase Additional Dining Dollars?

To view your Dining Dollar balance and purchase additional Dining Dollars, please visit our Online Card Office. Please note: You may purchase additional Dining Dollars at any time. We recommend waiting until spending and eating patterns are established mid-year, since Dining Dollars are non-transferable, non-refundable, and may only be used at UC San Diego Dining Services locations.

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How are Housing fees billed?

Residential Housing fees are billed in the UC San Diego Statement, Housing charges can be found in the same location that UC Tuition and Education Fees are billed along with any current or delinquent University Charges. Housing also has a Housing Cost & Payment Schedule which serves as a reminder of future Housing Charge due dates.

What is the $30 housing administrative fee?

The $30 housing administrative fee is a one-time per academic year fee that is assessed to all residents who choose to pay their housing charges in either monthly or quarterly installments.

What is the $20 activity fee?

The $20 activity fee is a one-time per academic year fee that is assessed to all residents. These funds are used by your Residential Life Staff to put programs for you to enhance your on-campus housing experience (i.e. movie/pizza nights, study sessions).

I was approved for early termination. How does that affect my housing charges?

If you are approved for early termination, we’ll adjust both your housing and dining so you are only billed for the total number of days you lived on campus. Please keep in mind that per the housing contract you signed, we do not prorate the first two weeks or last two weeks of every single quarter. If your approved contract termination date falls within the first two weeks or last two weeks of any quarter, you will be billed for those entire two weeks

Where is my UCSD Student Billing Statement sent?

All statements will be emailed to your UC San Diego email account. If you wish to have your bills emailed to an additional address, visit TritonLink, select "Billing and Payment", then "Authorize a Parent/Payer".

How do I pay for Housing?

Please visit Ways to Pay Your Bill to review all forms of payment that are accepted by the University. At this time, credit cards are not accepted.

All installments must be paid by the due date indicated on the e-statement and Housing Cost and Payment Schedule. Fees and/or charges not paid by this date are considered delinquent and are subject to a $20 late charge.

How can I change my Housing installment payment plan?

Changes to your housing installment payment plan can be made in mid-August. To make any changes, log into the Housing Portal and submit a “Housing Installment Payment Plan Change.” You can elect to PAY IN FULL, QUARTERLY, or MONTHLY installments. Students who elect to pay quarterly or monthly are assessed a one-time $30 housing administrative fee.

Can financial aid be used to cover Housing payments?

Yes. The university applies your financial aid first to tuition fees and past due amounts, second to Housing charges, and third to any other outstanding charges that may be due. If your University fees exceed the amount of financial aid, any outstanding charges are the student’s financial responsibility.

May I use loan money towards Housing?

Yes, but only after you receive a promissory note from your lender. Remember to check the EFT box on your Financial Aid application. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 858-534-4480 if you have any questions about your loan application.

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