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Getting Around

Bike Lockers

Locker Rental

Save space in your place with HDH Bike Lockers!

Keep your bike SECURE and CLEAN without the hassle of dragging it through your ResHall suite or Apartment— just $20 a month using your Triton Cash Account.

*Due to a bike locker remodeling project and maintenance- rental request & reservations are currently unavailable; please stay tuned for upcoming notices as we update our website for Academic Year 2019-2020 reservations. Limit one locker per student.

Locker Locations

Spin Bikeshare

Campus commuters seeking alternatives? Leave your old bike at home and consider dockless bikeshare app Spin as your worry-free transit solution. New student riders: Use code TRITON5 to get $5 off when you create an account with an “” email address.

For more information, visit: