Dining Services

The HDH Community Dining Plan

New for 2016-2017! HDH is piloting a new Community Dining Plan for staff, faculty, and students without a Housing contract.

For a minimum deposit of only $50, this new account will give you a 20% discount at the registers of ALL Housing • Dining • Hospitality (HDH) restaurants, markets and food trucks. That is 20% off EVERY time you make a purchase! The plan is easy to use, too—it’s linked to your campus ID card, so all you have to do is:

  1. Find something yummy to eat
  2. Tell the cashier to use your “Community Dining Plan”
  3. Swipe of the card, and… you’re done!

Eating and shopping at our locations helps keep costs low for our resident students. On their behalf, we thank you!


How do I open an account?

Where can I use my Community Dining Plan?

Use your Dining Plan at any of Dining Service’s 19 locations across campus!

How do I make a deposit or check my balance?

Check activity on your account when you log into the Online Card Office.

Does my Dining Plan ever expire?

No. Your Community Dining Plan balances will roll over into subsequent years. However, if you do not use your account during a 6-month period, it will be closed.