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Hospitality and Conference Services

Client Resources

Neighborhood Maps, Directions, floor plans, and phone information for Conference Desks:

Revelle Neighborhood

Conference Desk Location: HDH Administration Building

Hours of operation: 7am - 5:30pm, 7 Days a week

Dates: Saturday, June 20 - Monday, September 7, 2020

Conference Desk Address (Not for Shipping):

Phone: 858.534.4220

Map Location

Revelle Neighborhood Map

Housing Locations:

Residence Halls (Fleets): Atlantis Hall, Beagle Hall, Challenger Hall, Discovery Hall, Galathea Hall, Meteor Hall

Residence Hall: Argo Hall, Blake Hall

Apartments: Keeling Apartments 1 – 3

Sample Building Layouts*

*Sample layouts only. Configurations and Triple spaces vary by facility.

Muir Neighborhood

Conference Desk Location: HDH Administration Building

Hours of operation: 7am - 5:30pm, 7 Days a week

Dates: Saturday, June 20 - Monday, September 7, 2020

Conference Desk Address (Not for Shipping):

Phone: 858.534.4220

Map Location

Housing Locations:

Muir Neighborhood Map

Residence Hall Buildings: Tenaya Hall, Tioga Hall

Apartment Buildings: Tamarack Apartments, Tuolumne Apartments 

Sample Building Layouts*

*Sample layouts only. Configurations and Triple spaces vary by facility.

The Village Neighborhood

ERC Neighborhood

Map Location

Housing Locations:

ERC Neighborhood Map

ERC Residence Halls: Africa Hall, Asia Hall, Europe Hall, Latin America Hall, North America Hall

ERC Apartments: Earth Hall North, Earth Hall South, Middle East, Oceania, Mesa Verde, Geneva, Kathmandu House, Cuzco House, Asante House

Sample Building Layouts*

*Sample layouts only. Configurations and Triple spaces vary by facility.

Marshall Neighborhood

Map Location

Marshall Neighborhood Map

Residence Halls: Buildings N-V

Apartments: Townhouse, Buildings A-F, Apartments, Buildings G-M

Sample Building Layouts*

*Sample layouts only. Configurations and Triple spaces vary by facility.

Warren Neighborhood

Housing Locations and Floor Plans:

Map Location

Housing Locations:

Warren College

Warren Neighborhood Map

Residence Halls: Frankfurter Hall, Harlan Hall, Stewart Hall

Apartments: Black Hall, Brennan Hall, Douglas Hall (Under construction for 2018), Goldberg Hall (Under construction for 2018)

Sample Building Layouts*

*Sample layouts only. Configurations and Triple spaces vary by facility.

Download Housing List Instructions

The Organization must submit a completed Housing List in the same Excel format as initially provided by HCS. The Housing List is due two (2) weeks prior to the check-in date.

Information required to complete the Excel Housing List include:

  • Conference Participant’s Full Name
  • Gender Identity
  • Roommate preference (if applicable)
  • List of all Staff Supervisors/Chaperones contact information
  • Physical limitations or dietary restrictions of Conference Participants (if applicable, see Medical Form)

If the Organization fails to complete the Housing List as requested in the required format, a $500.00 labor charge will be incurred and billed on the final invoice.

If the Housing List is not received fourteen (14) days prior to the Conference Check-in date, the Organization will be charged an additional late processing fee of $50.00 per day.

Name changes and room changes to an existing housing list will be accepted up to three (3) days prior to the earliest check-in date. 

Conference Participants may be added on the day of check-in to the Housing List pending availability. If the additional Conference Participants are replacing cancellations or no-shows the Organization may swap out new Conference Participants on the Housing List with a $10.00 per person administration fee. This fee will be added on the Organization’s final invoice. 

Any new Conference Participants requesting to be added on check-in day will be approved based on availability.  If availability is confirmed and the new participant is added, a $20.00 administration fee per person will apply. This fee will be added on the Organization's final invoice.

Under no circumstances may the room or apartment to which a Conference Participant is assigned be used by any other person without prior approval from HCS.

Supervision, Rules & Safety

YOUTH PARTICIPANTS: If the Organization has any Conference Participants that are minors, the Group Organizer must maintain a ratio of at least one (1) adult supervisor for every ten (10) minor participants in the residence halls and other UC San Diego facilities. The adults who have this responsibility must be identified on the Housing List submitted to HCS. Failure to abide by these requirements may constitute grounds for termination of the activity.

Expectations of Adult Supervisors:

  1. Review The Safe Supervision of Minors at UC San Diego located at
  2. Must be qualified as a mandated reporter under The California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act “CANRA” and has signed a Statement Acknowledging Requirement to Report Child Abuse.
  3. When youth participants are at UC San Diego, the adult supervisors responsible for them must be present in the housing areas and available at all times, including after youth have retired to their rooms.
  4. All adult supervisors must be authorized by the Group’s Organizer as capable and able to provide supervision for individuals below the age of eighteen (18).
  5. Supervising adults and/or chaperones must be eighteen (18) years or older.
  6. All adult supervisors are encouraged to go through criminal background checks at the expense of the Organization.
  7. Oversight and discipline of participants is the responsibility of the adult supervisors. Group Organizer must appoint an on-site contact to be available by phone through the duration of the program.
  8. HCS reserves the right to eject individuals from any and all University facilities for violation of applicable HCS and campus policies.
  9. If any adult supervisors violate these expectations, then the Group Organizer is expected to provide an immediate and suitable replacement in order for the youth/adult supervisor ratio to remain at the required number.

Orders for boxed meals, snack packs and conference parties as a meal replacement, should be ordered by 11:00 am five (5) business days before delivery or pick up. Any changes to an existing order needs to be made by 11:00 am two (2) business days before delivery or pick up using the change form. All meals not picked up within 8 hours will be donated.

All boxed meals or snack packs can be picked up from a designated Dining unit at no charge or delivered to a campus location for a $25 delivery fee. The Organization is responsible for handling the food in a safe and sanitary manner, including maintaining the appropriate temperature according to local and state health standards. The Organization must provide coolers to ensure the food remains at an appropriate temperature.

  • Minimum of five (5) required for any boxed meal or snack pack orders
  • Minimum of twenty (20) required for all Conference Parties

Meal Cards/Meal Blocks

Each conference participant will be provided a meal card. Meal cards are coded for the Dining facility assigned.  Lost meal cards can be replaced at the Conference Desk for a $5.00/fee, paid at the time of replacement. Replacement fee can also be added to the Conference final invoice.  Meal cards not returned during check out will also be subject to a $5.00 lost meal card fee.

Conference Groups will be offered a 45 minute meal period based on capacity of the dining unit and available dining times. If your group is larger than the capacity of the dining unit or dining block, the conference group will be assigned multiple dining blocks per meal period.

  • Meal plans are available for both overnight Conference Participants and Staff, as well as Commuter Conference Participants and Staff.
  • It is the responsibility of the Organization to communicate assigned meal times to Conference Participants and ensure the Conference Participants adhere to the designated times.
  • VIP Cards can be assigned if requested by the Organization for use in the dining facilities for the purpose of providing extra meals for Conference Participants not housed on campus and/or not included in the contracted meal plan.  Any charges incurred on the VIP Card(s) will be added to the final invoice.
  • Commuter meal cards, like overnight conference participant meal cards, are preloaded with a predesignated meal plan and are non-refundable for any unused meals or unused meal cards. Commuter cards are not VIP cards.
  • No one is allowed entrance into the all-you-care-to-eat dining unit unless they paid for the meal for that meal period.
  • As all campus dining facilities are shared with other summer conference groups, reserving seating is prohibited.
  • The Organization’s staff and counselors are responsible for their Conference Participants’ behavior and etiquette.  Shirt and street shoes are required at all times in the dining facilities – no rollerblades are allowed.

Medical and Religious Diets

UC San Diego Dining works diligently to reasonably accommodate medically necessitated, religiously motivated, and lifestyle preferred dietary needs. Our highly trained culinary team is well versed in the top food allergens and will do their best to ensure your dining experience here on campus is safe and nutritionally balanced.

Those with medically necessitated diets will need to complete Attachment E/Medical Form. The UC San Diego campus procedure requires any accommodation related to a medical diagnosis be supported with proper documentation from a physician. Forms can be faxed, e-mailed or mailed to the Hospitality and Conference Services office. If a Parent/Guardian sends the form directly to Conference Services, the Parent/Guardian is responsible to communicate dietary needs to the Conference Group Leader.

Once documentation has been received, reviewed, and approved, our Dining Department will work with the culinary team to accommodate the participant's dietary needs. The participant will need to identify him/herself to a Dining MANAGER when entering the eatery and state the particular food allergy/dietary needs. The manager will then notify the chef so the food can be prepared according to our allergen accommodation process.

If a participant prefers a lifestyle motivated dietary preference, please be aware that Dining offers a wide variety of selections daily that accommodate halal and kosher friendly diets, as well as gluten-friendly, vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

If a participant requires a CERTIFIED KOSHER or CERTIFIED HALAL MEAL, please be aware Dining can provide this service for a nominal fee. You will need to complete the section on Attachment E – Page 1 ONLY requiring notification of the certified kosher meal and associated costs. Documentation by a physician is NOT required.

Should you have any questions pertaining to our dietary procedures at UC San Diego, please contact UC San Diego directly by sending an email to and including the Conference name and date in the subject line.

UCSD Emergency Notifications

UC San Diego uses this phone and e-mail notification system, in addition to the UCSD Emergency Status website, to keep the campus community updated in emergency situations.

Registration for emergency notifications is voluntary and all members of the campus community are eligible, including students, staff, faculty, parents, and visitors.

In case of emergency, call the police at 858.534.4357(858.534.HELP) or x44357 (x4HELP) from a campus phone, or call Emergency 9-1-1. Please state your name, location at UC San Diego, and the nature of the emergency.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) locations at UC San Diego

UC San Diego Emergency Guide

The Emergency Guide contains essential phone numbers and “what to do in case of….?” information.

UCSD Campus Emergency Contacts

Use these numbers or links for information, or to report an emergency at UCSD campus facilities:

Parking on the UC San Diego campus is by permit only Monday (7am) - Friday (11pm). Permits can be purchased on-line prior to your arrival to campus or at any of the Conference Desk locations using the complimentary computer kiosks. For advanced purchase, please visit to purchase your permit. If needed, we can guide you through the Guest Account process for purchasing a permit.

Parking Permit Rates are as follows:

  • $7/1-Day
  • $35/5-Day (plus weekend)
  • $42/7-Day (plus weekend)
  • $95/1-Month (“B” only)

Parking is by permit only and parking spaces are not guaranteed.

  • The University does not guarantee the availability of parking spaces within close proximity of the Organization’s housing or activities.
  • Transportation & Parking Services will be directly responsible for selling all permits via their website and permits can be purchased up to sixty (60) days prior to arrival to campus.
  • HCS will provide computer stations with printers at each Conference Desk for parking permit purchasing.
  • The University will not be held liable for any loss or damage to vehicles and property incurred in the parking facilities.
  • The University will not be held liable for parking tickets or fines imposed on the Organization or Conference Participants.
  • Parking policy can be located allocated at:

Parking policy can be found at

UCSD Media Services

UCSD Media Services provides an array of fee-based audio-visual support and production services for large and small events held on campus. Services include video production and editing, sound reinforcement for special events, and AV equipment rental to individuals or groups.

Contact your Conference Coordinator to place an order.

Internet Information

Basic Internet access is included in your conference stay. Wireless connectivity is available in large areas of campus as well as the Housing areas. Wireless access and speed is not guaranteed and may vary due to campus location and number of devices attempting to access wireless systems.  For more information:

Once you are connected and open an Internet browser you will directed to a ResNet "Authentication" website with the option to register as a Guest on the residential network (ResNet). For any questions or problems with the network, please call ResNet at 858.534.2267. Additional information, including steps for the requirements listed above can be found on the ResNet website at

To reduce the amount of time it takes to get connected, make sure you have the following before coming to campus:

  • Enabled Firewall
  • Updated Antivirus software
  • Updated operating system
  • Updated software - especially Adobe products and Java

For wireless Internet access on the main campus, the UCSD-GUEST wireless network will only require agreeing to the AUP. 

Renting Vehicles

Your organization may bring your own vehicles or rent Golf Carts from an outside entity. UC San Diego does not rent vehicles/golf carts to off-campus clients or guests. Additional insurance certifications are necessary. (Refer to the Insurance Section for further details.) A representative from the organization must be present to take possession of the rented Golf Cart(s) and provide the rental agency with a signature of receipt. UC San Diego will not be responsible for accepting or returning the Organization’s Golf Carts to the rental agency. Contact your Conference Services Coordinator for a list of vendor(s) that may provide golf cart rentals to the Organization.

Hospitality & Conference Services will conduct check-in activities at the Conference Services Desks unless alternate arrangements are made, such as mobile check in.  Fees may apply.  Each participant will receive a set of keys and meal card upon arrival.

Conference Services will conduct all check-outs and collect all meal cards, keys, and/or access cards that were originally issued.

After check-out, facilities will be reviewed for cleanliness and overall condition. Should it be determined that a specific area will require repair, excessive cleaning, or excessive trash removal, Conference Services will bill the Organization on the final invoice. (Fees are determined by the University based on required action).

Lost Keys

Keys and/or access cards not returned at time of check-out will be considered lost and lock change and/or key replacement procedures will begin immediately. Replacement or lost key fees can be paid at the Conference Desk by a participant or be added to the final invoice.

The Organization/Client will be billed the applicable fee noted below:

  • $20 per key (subject to change) for all other housing areas.

Lounge, Meeting Space and Classroom Rentals

For information on our Meeting & Event Venues as well as the booking process for classrooms, please refer to our Venues page.

Lounge Spaces within Housing Areas

To request lounge space or meeting rooms within Housing areas, please contact your Conference Coordinator. Half-day, full-day and 24 hour rates are available depending on rental needs.  A walk through (before & after) along with a review of the A/V equipment will be done before access is given to the on-site Organization’s representative. If lounge keys are checked out to the organization and not returned, the organization will be responsible to pay for a lock change. The cost of the lock change will depend on how many door locks and keys will need to be replaced.


You have access to the following equipment in classrooms:  Computer/Video projector, VHS/DVD/CD Player, Overhead transparency projector, wall screen, and microphone.  Contact your Conference Services Coordinator for additional details and pricing.  Non-UC San Diego Organizations will need to contact Conference Services to request classroom space.  Classroom space is not guaranteed and will not be confirmed until April 2019.  All classroom rental fees include the provided tables, chairs and desks included in the room as well as access to the facilities' audio visual equipment (if applicable).  Movement of any furniture within any classrooms or laboratories is prohibited.  If furniture is relocated there will be labor fees applied to the Master Invoice to reset the bedroom(s)/suite.  Once classrooms are confirmed, the Organization has two (2) weeks prior to their check-in date to release any unneeded spaces otherwise the Organization will be billed for the entire rental fee of confirmed spaces.

Campus Recreation

Recreation cards are available for purchase during your stay. Conference participants can purchase passes at RIMAC, Main Gym, and Canyon View. 

Please contact UC San Diego Recreation (858.534.4037) for more information, rates and for the specific policy regarding minors under the age of 18. All hours subject to change without notice.


Mail is delivered to our Conference Desks Monday through Friday and available for pick up at your convenience. Any US mail not claimed prior to check out will be “Returned to Sender”.

To send mail to any conference desk location, please include the following:

  • Name of Conferee/Guest & Name of Conference (if applicable)
    (ERC/Revelle/Village) Conference Desk
    9450 Gilman Drive
    La Jolla, CA 92092-0100


Ground shipment through FedEx or UPS is processed through our centralized Receiving and Distribution Department on Campus and will add a delay of up to two (2) business days before reaching the respective conference desk.

If your package is being sent via overnight or expedited shipping, please utilize the format below for addressing your package. Pertinent Conference Desk information may be found above in the “Conference Desks” Panel.

When sending packages via overnight or expedited shipping please address and include the following:

  • Name of Conferee/Guest & Name of Conference (if applicable)
    [ERC/Revelle/Village] Conference Desk, [Applicable building name: ERC SAC/Blake Hall/Village West Building 3], [Desk Phone Number]
    9450 Gilman Drive
    La Jolla, CA 92092-0100


For your convenience, UC San Diego has an Amazon Locker in each college housing location. Please search for a locker using the Zip Code 92093. The lockers on campus are marked as not public. Amazon Locker - Village requires keycard access to the building. All other locations are available 24 hours a day.  Alternatively, Amazon@UCSanDiego is conveniently located in the center of campus and another option for receiving your Amazon packages. Activate the benefits of Amazon@UCSanDiego.

Outgoing Mail

USPS Mail with appropriate postage affixed to it may be sent out through the Conference Desk. Packages shipped via FedEx or UPS must be coordinated by the Conference on-site Contract through their respective services or dropped off at the UCSD Postal Center.


The Organization shall furnish the University with a certificate of insurance naming the Regents of the University of California as an Additional Insured on a separate "Additional Insured Endorsement." It is imperative that the furnished certificate of insurance contain the clause "USE OF UNIVERSITY CAMPUS", as a description of location of the Organization’s program. The certificate must be sent to Conference Services Coordinator at least sixty (60) days prior to your event.

If your organization is unable to provide its own General Liability Insurance, you may purchase coverage through the University's Insurance Broker, Marsh. Contact Marsh Service Center at 1.866.838.9536 or refer to the website for details

The Organization, at its sole cost and expense, shall insure its activities in connection with this contract and obtain, keep in force and maintain insurance as follows: Commercial Form General Liability Insurance (contractual liability included) with minimum limits as follows (at its discretion, the University may require that the Organization procure and maintain insurance coverage in limits in excess of the amounts set forth below):

  • General Aggregate— $2,000,000.00
  • Products/Completed Operations Aggregate— $2,000,000.00
  • Personal and Advertising Injury Each Occurrence— $1,000,000.00
  • Each Occurrence— $1,000,000.00

If the above insurance is written on a claims-made form, it shall continue for three (3) years following termination of this Contract.

For additional information please refer to your conference agreement or contact your Conference Coordinator.

For Campus Departments: If there is a liability claim filed, the UC Department will be responsible for any deductible payments.


Lost and Found

All lost and found items will be held at the Conference Service Center for one (1) week. After one (1) week, the items will be sent to the UC San Diego Police Department (unless prior arrangements have been made with Conference Services Coordinator). The UC San Diego Police Department will hold the items for ninety (90) days. After ninety (90) days, if items have not been claimed, the items will become the property of UC San Diego to dispose of in any way they determine.

UC San Diego Lost and Found: 858.534.4361

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