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Traffic Safety Reminders

As the academic year begins and more students are finding their way to campus, we would like to take a moment to remind you about staying safe.

Drivers are not always cautious when entering and exiting La Jolla Village drive on and off the 5 freeway. We urge our residents to stay aware. Continue to follow posted construction notices and abide by traffic laws. Pedestrians and bikers should utilize available sidewalks and bike paths, remember to be alert, and stay off of your phone when walking or crossing the street.

The new bridge that will cross the I-5 should be a tremendous help with regards to student safety. Until then, we appreciate your patience as we work to expand and improve our community. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

Community Dining Plan

Promo: Communter Dining Plan

The Community Dining Plan is for staff, faculty, and students without an undergraduate Housing contract (Grad and Professional residents, this means you!)

For a minimum deposit of only $25*, this new account will give you a 20% discount at the registers of ALL HDH restaurants, markets, and food trucks. That is 20% off EVERY time you make a purchase! The plan is easy to use, too—it’s linked to your campus ID card, so all you have to do is:

*Special offer ends October 31, 2017.

  1. Find something yummy to eat at over 19 Dining locations on campus.
  2. Tell the cashier to use your “Community Dining Plan”
  3. Swipe of the card, and… you’re done!

Visit for more information.

Guns and Lethal Weapons

State law prohibits firearms on all property belonging to the Regents of the University of California. You may not keep any firearm on the property, even if it is registered. Possession or discharge of BB guns, pellet guns, air guns, stun guns, slingshots, firecrackers, knives, M-80s, and lethal weapons of any form – including martial arts equipment – is prohibited.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Community or on University Property

Please keep the community smoke free. Potential brush fire could have serious consequences to our community, especially in a drought state that we are in. Reminder that Campus and Community policies need to be followed for the safety of you and your neighbors. Visit for resources to quit smoking.

General Safety Considerations

Travel in well lit, busy routes. Avoid walking or parking in shadowy areas. Have your keys in your hand as you approach your door, and remember to be alert to what and whom is around you. Be especially aware of your surroundings when you may seem more vulnerable to an attack, e.g., during periods of stress, when you are upset or sick, or if you have been drinking. Use discretion and caution when taking shortcuts through isolated areas of the campus. Know the location of campus emergency telephones on routes to and from campus destinations. Use the UCSD Safety Escort Program, 858.534.WALK, available daily from dusk to dawn.


Announcements Coming Soon

Mesa, Mesa Nueva & OMS

Resident Amenities

Neighborhood amenities are open to ALL residents of Mesa, Mesa Nueva and OMS! Try them out and let us know what you think at

Rough Draft Pub Opening Soon!

We’re thrilled to welcome UCSD alumni Jeff Silver to the neighborhood! Jeff is the owner of Rough Draft Brewing and he is bringing his delicious craft beer to Mesa Nueva. Pub hours are weekdays 4-11pm, Saturday 1-11pm, and Sunday 1-8pm.

Pool and Spas

The Mesa Nueva pool and spas are open 8am-11pm. No key is needed to access this area. Please follow all posted safety signage. No glass is allowed in this area.

Conference Rooms with Projectors / Digital Monitors

There are two Mesa Nueva conference rooms available with HDMI projector and digital monitors. One HDMI cable is provided. Reserve the rooms by making a Community Room Reservation Request.

Get your Fitness on!

Fitness @ 9156: A more intimate fitness experience with cardio machines and free weights.

Mesa Nueva Gym: A full breadth of workout equipment including cardio and free weights. How to get access: Complete a Fitness Waiver online or in person. For students with a SSO, you can complete a waiver online by going to the RMS Portal.

  • Partners and spouses can come to the offices to complete a paper form.
  • Once completed we will issue you an electronic key for access 24/7.
  • If you already have access to the Mesa exercise room 9156, then you have access to the Mesa Nueva gym. Come get your workout on anytime!
  • The gym is open 24/7 with keycard access.
The Lounge @ OMS

Featuring a coffee vending machine and a full community kitchen, this area is available on a first come/first serve basis. The OMS Office can check out a key for short term access.

OMS Study Lounge @ Building 2

This room is available to hold study groups or just to hang out with friends. Pick up the key from the OMS Office prior to your reservation. Reserve by making a Community Room Reservation Request.

Family Study Lounge 9184

This family-friendly room is full of toys and activities for little ones to use while you concentrate on your studies. To access this room, use code: 231719.

24/7 Quiet Study @ 9264

Looking for a quiet place to go? Central Mesa has a quiet study space accessible 24/7. To access this room, use code: 231719.

Shuttle Routes

Diagram:  Shuttle Routes at Mesa Nueva

[View Shuttle Route Flyer]

Crosswalk Safety

Pedestrians: • Always cross at marked crosswalks. You forfeit your rights as a pedestrian if you cross elsewhere. • Obey any pedestrian signals and look left-right-left to make sure the road is clear in both directions before crossing. • If a vehicle approaches, make eye contact with the driver to be sure s/he sees you before you cross. • Look before walking past stopped vehicles. Do not cross just because a driver waves you on. Be sure all lanes are clear first. • Remember that bicyclists are not considered pedestrians unless they are walking their bikes. Otherwise, they are considered vehicles.

Bicyclists: • Yield to pedestrians. • Remember that bicyclists are not considered pedestrians unless they are walking their bikes. Otherwise, they are considered vehicles and forfeit their rights as pedestrians in the case of an accident or citation. • Use marked bike paths or multi-use paths when available. • Obey vehicular traffic signals and laws on the roadways. • Use extra caution as you transition between bike paths, roads and sidewalks. Be aware that your actions are unpredictable to drivers and pedestrians.

Drivers: • Yield to pedestrians in crosswalks and at intersections. • Be prepared to stop at all marked crosswalks. Stay alert and reduce speed in areas with crosswalks. • Be alert for bicyclists and skateboarders whose approaches to the crosswalk may be much swifter than those of pedestrians. • Come to a complete stop if pedestrians are crossing or preparing to cross. • Wait until pedestrians have crossed at least one lane past the lane you are in before resuming travel. • Never pass another vehicle that has stopped or is slowing down at a crosswalk.

Construction Updates

Check out the construction page for updates here

Laundry Room Etiquette

Residential Service Office has received several complaints about laundry issues within our community. A reminder that the University is not responsible for laundry left in the machine or laundry rooms. Please be respectful of others’ property and always stay attentive to your wash/dry. Clean up your trash, don't be loud, the washers and dryers are for everyone, please share the folding area, don't force everyone to listen to your music, be polite and patient, and for crying out loud, please keep your clothes on.

Keep our Community Clean

Please ensure that all personal items (toys, bikes, skateboards, kiddy pools, playhouses, etc.) are removed from the grass/turf areas on your scheduled mow days. Tuesdays-North & West Mesa, Wednesdays-OMS & South Mesa, Thursdays-Central Mesa. Any items not removed pose dangerous safety hazards for both UCSD equipment operators and Mesa residents. All items outside of your patio on the grass/turf must be permanently removed including, all potted plants, unused pallets, patio furniture, etc. These items are blocking existing irrigation heads and are causing grass damage and the potential for flooding.


Parking Enforcement

Make sure to get your permit now! Parking at the Mesa Nueva garage is intended for the residents of Mesa Nueva and their guests only. Parking is enforced Mon-Fri 9am-6pm. A valid permit issued from the Mesa Nueva office is required. Any vehicles without a permit will receive a citation from UC San Diego Transportation Services.


Sweet! It’s Friday!

Coffee & Sweets every Friday @ the Rita Office (2nd Floor). Due to the lobby being under construction and our coffee bar being down, we are offering free coffee/tea/cocoa service and sweets every Friday in the Leasing office at the 2nd floor. Come visit us and enjoy some caffeine and sugary treats…get ‘em while they last!