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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for Associated Residential Community Housing (ARCH)?

  • Full time Graduate and Professional Students
  • Graduate, Professional, and Undergrad Students with Children
  • Full time Undergraduate Student Couples

Are there priority programs for Housing?


  • Students with child/children: Students (who are not currently residing in housing) with child/children, students who are pregnant, or whose partner/spouse is pregnant are offered housing at the Mesa Residential Apartments before single students and student couples.
    • In addition, a resident of an ARCH community who becomes pregnant or whose partner/spouse becomes pregnant while residing in housing is also offered housing at Mesa before other single students and student couples.
    • Housing will place a maximum of two priority offers to a student with child/children and/or pregnant. If the student refuses both offers then he/she is no longer eligible to receive priority housing and will be offered housing based on his/her application date on the waitlist. Birth certificate and proof of pregnancy will be required at move-in.
    • The student’s child must be 18 years or younger and residing in the ARCH apartment at least 50% of the time to be eligible for priority.
    • Students with 3 or more children receive priority for the nine Central Mesa three bedroom apartments. If there are not any students on the waitlist with 3 or more children, then the three bedroom apartments are next offered to students with 2 or more children; students with one child; and to all other students on the waitlist.
  • Student Housing Opportunity Recruitment Enhancement (SHORE): In the Winter and Spring quarters prior to the next fall quarter, admitted graduate and professional students are nominated by departments to this priority Housing program. Based on availability, SHORE offers are made to nominated students by the Graduate Division. This is a very limited program and all spots are filled by early Spring quarter. No additional spots are available after Spring Quarter. SHORE students are housed without having to wait on the waitlist. The Rady School of Management participates in SHORE. For more information, contact the Graduate Division.
  • The School of Medicine and Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences: For more information contact the School of Medicine or the School of Pharmacy Admissions Offices.

How long is the wait for housing?

Check current availability.

Are the rental rates subsidized?

UC San Diego Housing operates as a self-funded organization. We do not receive Federal, State, or other funds from which to subsidize rates. All operation costs are covered by the rents collected from residents. The rental rates vary by community and are posted on each community’s page.

How do I apply?

  • Submit a New On-Line Application. Upon submitting your application you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Please save this confirmation for future reference.
  • In order to ensure that the waitlist represents interested students, you are required to update your application twice a year, in March and October. If you do not complete the update process in March and October your application will be removed from the waitlist. If you contact the office prior to the start of the next update process to express your continued interest in housing, then we will reinstate your application with your original application date. If you do not contact the office prior to the start of the next update process, then you must submit a new on-line application.
  • Once you accept a housing offer and sign a rental agreement, your application is removed from the waitlist. You may submit a new on-line application if you are interested in relocating to a different apartment or ARCH community. You may not have two active applications at one time.

How are Housing offers made?

Offers are made in the following priority:

  • New incoming students nominated by their department/school for priority status
  • Students referred by the Office of Students with Disabilities (OSD) to receive priority housing
  • Students with children (Priority at Mesa only)
  • All other students based on application date

Housing offers are made via telephone, and email. The apartment that you are offered will have a move-in date that is on or after your need housing by date. It will also be an apartment type that matches one of your selected apartment preferences.

  • Two phone calls will be placed on two different days at different times providing you with a total of 48 hours to respond to the offer. An e-mail will also be sent to you at the address listed on your application.
  • Acceptance: If you accept the housing offer, you will receive an e-mail that describes the process for signing an electronic rental agreement. Follow the instructions included in the e-mail. Your application will be removed from the waitlist. If you are interested in relocating to a different apartment, you may submit a new on-line application.
  • Refusal:
    1. If you refuse your first housing offer, your application will remain on the waitlist. Please verify that your apartment preferences and your need housing by date reflect the apartment types that you are willing to accept and the date that you are willing to begin paying rent.
    2. If you refuse the second offer, your application is removed from the waitlist. You may later submit a new on-line application; however, you will not keep your original application date. Your new application date will be the day you submit your new application. And for students with children, you will no longer be eligible to receive priority housing.

Need housing date and apartment type: It is best to list your need housing by date as the earliest date that you can begin paying the rent. Please note that if your housing need by date is January 1st, then you will not be offered an apartment that becomes available prior to January 1st (i.e. You will not be offered an apartment that is available on December 31st.). Also, be sure that your apartment preferences only include the apartments that you are willing to accept. You will have the opportunity to refuse one offer. If a second offer is made and refused, your application will be removed from the waiting list. If you do not respond to an offer, your application will also be removed from the waitlist.

What if I am going on leave or to study out of town?

If you have been waiting the estimated time for your preferred apartment, and are going out of town, please notify the Residential Services Office in advance so that you do not miss a housing offer. We are happy to call you at a temporary number or call an individual that you designate to accept or refuse a housing offer on your behalf. An applicant will also receive an email with their offer to the email listed in the waitlist application.

Where can I find off-campus housing opportunities?

Our Market Comparison Report (pdf) provides information regarding off-campus apartment complexes in the UTC area of La Jolla.

For additional information regarding off-campus housing, please visit

Do I have to have a roommate?

Yes. A single student living in a two-bedroom apartment at the Rita Atkinson Residences, Mesa Residential, One Miramar Street, or Coast Apartments is required to share the apartment with at least one other eligible student.

The Residential Services Office will assign an applicant, who applied on the waitlist on or after October 1, 2008, to the second bedroom in the apartment and will fill any future vacancies in this bedroom, if desired. The new roommate will have primary status and will receive a two year fixed term agreement. Residents who signed rental agreements on or after October 1, 2008, will be assigned a roommate.

If a student’s partner/spouse plans to reside away from the apartment for more than one quarter, then the student will be required to sublet one bedroom in a two bedroom apartment to an eligible student during the partner’s/spouse’s absence

For questions/concerns, please contact the Centralized Leasing Office at 858.534.ARCH (2724).

What if I want to select my own roommate?

Residents or Applicants with a current waitlist application can visit the ARCH website and fill out an application on the Preferred Roommate Portal to select a friend to live with or to be matched with someone who has similar preferences. A full list of common questions and answers are listed on our Waitlist Application page.

What if I am an undergraduate or graduate student with a disability or have dependents who have a disability, and need housing/dining accommodations due to the disability?

If students and/or their partners or minor children are requesting accommodations due to a medical diagnosis or disability, students are strongly encouraged to plan well in advance by obtaining an Authorization for Accommodation letter (AFA) from the Office for Students with Disabilities. Students are responsible for submitting the AFA to the Housing Liaison on behalf of themselves and/or their family members. The AFA will state what accommodations a student and/or their family members are eligible for. Every effort to provide eligible accommodations will be made. Offers will be made based on availability of the space needed and the date the AFA is received by the Housing Liaison.

Information regarding this process in Housing • Dining • Hospitality at UC San Diego can be obtained from the Housing Liaison at 858.534.8567 (V); 858.534.7674 (Fax); or via e-mail at

For additional information about accommodations due to disability at UC San Diego, contact the Office for Students with Disabilities at 858.534.4382 (V); 858.534.9709 (TTY); 858.534.4650 (Fax);; or via e-mail at

I identify as transgender. How does this impact my housing assignment?

As are all our residents, transgender students are valued members of the housing living community at UC San Diego. When completing your application please self-identify when asked about gender. Additionally, in order to support the needs of transgender students, we strongly encourage students to contact the Housing Liaison to discuss individual and specific needs. The contact information is or 858-534-8567. More information on transgender living and the transgender community at UCSD is available at the LGBT Resource Center website

What if I do not agree with housing policies or charges that have been applied to my account?

There is an appeal process in place within ARCH to review disputes. Any resident or wait list applicant who is unsatisfied with a policy, practice, or decision may submit an online written request for review to the Associated Residential Community Housing Advisory Committee (ARCHAC). You can submit your request online. ARCHAC is comprised of 12 voting members; 5 graduate program staff members and 7 graduate students. Appeals are generally reviewed on a weekly basis, so depending on the number of appeals being reviewed it could take several weeks or longer to receive a decision. Once a decision is made by the ARCHAC committee it is final and you will receive notice of their decision.

What if I want to move out of my current apartment within ARCH?

If you have a two year agreement and plan on moving out on the date your agreement ends, you do not need to provide a 30 day advance notice of your intent to vacate your apartment on the end date. The office will send you a courtesy reminder email approximately 60 days in advance of your rental agreement end date. You must vacate your apartment on the end date of your rental agreement. If you want to move out prior to your rental agreement end date a 30 day notice will be required. Notices of Intent to Vacate can be found on our Resident Resources page. If a current resident is looking to relocate to another ARCH Community, they will need to submit a 30 Day Notice to Vacate after receiving an offer for a new apartment within ARCH and prior to signing their new rental agreement for another ARCH apartment.

How does the two year housing program affect my current application?

All applicants, with the exception of students with children and students with approved priority programs will be offered a two year fixed term rental agreement.

If I am a current resident can I submit a new housing application?

Yes. You may submit a new housing application, if you have not already received two years of housing. Your housing offer will be for the time remaining (i.e. if you have lived in housing for 1 year, your new rental agreement will be for another year only.)

Is renter's insurance included with my rental agreement?

Renters Insurance is not required buy highly suggested. Here is a link to follow that is specifically designed for UC San Diego renters:


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