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Temporary Bike Path

Improvements have been completed on the temporary bike path including a ramp from the Mesa Nueva stop sign/crossing and asphalt ramps along Athena Circle. Beginning 1/29/18, the widening of Miramar Road will begin impacting the sidewalks east and west of the temp bike path. Alternative routes to access the temporary bike path can be found in the map below and directional signage will be installed to assist pedestrians and bicyclists. The temporary bike path will remain open during the work.

ECEC Parking Lot

Please note that resident vehicles may not park in the ECEC parking lot from the hours of 7am-7pm unless you are dropping off your child(ren) for care or using the playground. Violators will be cited.

Safety Reminders

Continue to follow all posted construction notices. Do not enter construction areas.

Drivers should follow all posted speed limits and signage. Watch for bike riders, pedestrians, children and construction workers.

Pedestrians should utilize available sidewalks and remember to be alert, stay off of your phone when walking or crossing the street.

As always, we appreciate your patience as we work to expand and improve our community. We will continue to provide updates as needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at