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Friday, November 8th, 6 PM - 10 PM

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Interested in Volunteering for Wellfest 2019? Below is a list of potential Volunteer Opportunities for the day of the event. Please feel free to contact any Volunteer Lead to sign up!

Volunteer Lead: Pa Chia Vue


Description: Help shuttle drivers load students at Mandeville Loop or Mesa Nueva.


Description: Check in pre-registered participants using the QR code scanner, stamp wrists for admittance, and assist with registration on iPads.

Giveaways and Farmers Market

Description: Distribute giveaways, stamp wrists of participants. Educate participants on any sustainability information and how to use giveaways.

Lead: Iverson Lai, ivlai@ucsd.edu


Description: Assist vendors and set up any additional equipment needed for the event. Ensure vendors are following zero waste guidelines.

Lead: Iverson Lai, ivlai@ucsd.edu

Zero Waste Diversion Weighing Station

Description: Facilitates the sorting and weighing of waste from the event. Ensures that diverted waste is properly collected and sent to appropriate composting and recycling facilities.

Lead: Nhat Nguyen, n9nguyen@ucsd.edu

Student Sustainability Collective Student Org

Description: Leads the sustainability education talk for attendees prior to enjoying their zero waste meal.

Lead: Jessica Davis, jadavis@ucsd.edu


Description: Manages the general flow of music and assists performers as needed. Volunteers will assist, lead, and communicate any issues and needs to AV equipment vendor.

Lead: Brianna Lui, b1lui@ucsd.edu

Tidepool Plaza Fitness Classes

Description: Provide tech and equipment assistance to instructors. Manages general flow of the class schedule.

Lead: Brianna Lui, b1lui@ucsd.edu

Master of Ceremonies

Description: Manages the general flow of music, announces upcoming events per the schedule and communicates with performers and keynote speakers. Volunteers will assist, lead and communicate any issues and needs to AV equipment vendor.

Volunteer Floater

Description: No preference of job position and is willing to go where needed.