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Green Grant Application

GREEN GRANTS are a portion of Housing • Dining • Hospitality's (HDH) budget which will be made available to the residents and staff of UC San Diego's Housing and Dining operations for use in furthering and maintaining SUSTAINABILITY projects and efforts.

These efforts might include recycling, energy efficiency, water conservation, or other resource saving measures. Any applicable expenditure will need to be tied to a sustainability project (new or ongoing) within HDH operations.

The projects must benefit Resident students and/or HDH facilities and they must promote sustainability.

To learn more, download the Green Grants informational brochure.

How to Request Funds:

Simply fill out the application below, including details of your program and anticipated costs. Once approved the applicant will be contacted.

All projects must be completed by end of each fiscal year (June 30th) and all related funding expended by that time. Projects can be submitted anytime and are subject to available funding.

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