What’s New 2015/2016

Dining Services

  • Introducing Sixty Four North

    Healthy and modern, featuring an eclectic mix of California Cuisine, fresh local vegetables and our chef’s versions of your favorite International dishes. Full Service Dining.

  • New front and back patios at 64 Degrees, featuring fireplace and herb wall
  • Refreshed menus at Roots, The Bistro, and Food Trucks
  • Goody’s open for breakfast! Machaca, Bacon, Soyrizo, and Sausage Breakfast Burritos
  • Expanded outdoor seating and new furniture at Goody's
  • Enclosed / Indoor dining at Foodworx
  • Reserve Food Trucks online for your special event
  • EXCLUSIVE! New Triton Blend coffee
  • Updated layouts and merchandising at all DS Markets
  • Oceanview Terrace temporarily closed for remodeling—reopen Fall 2016


Eleanor Roosevelt College – new flooring, windows, mattresses, bathroom sinks and counters, furniture, lighting, paint and more.

Sixth College – New windows in ResHalls and canyon Apartments; signage and landscape improvements

Revelle – Refreshed interior courtyard and exterior landscape improvements at Argo

Mesa Graduate Housing – new children’s play area; new resident garden sites

Warren College – Douglas Apartments Bridges replacement

All Colleges – new bike racks throughout and bike repair stations

Water Conservation

What we’ve done

HDH has installed 6370 watermiser flo restrictors saving approximately 23 million gallons/year (18% savings in usage)

Eliminated 3.04 acres of turf at Mesa saving approximately 569,000 gallons/year

Eliminated 4.01 acres of turf at 6th & Marshall Colleges & Coast Apts resulting in 750,555 gallons/year savings

Installed 27 water meters to help provide accurate & easily accessible usage data

No Salt No Waste water softeners at Canyon Vista are saving 26,280 gallons/year

Installed water conservation statics on mirrors in all HDH facilities

Included water conservation education in all our student presentations as of January 2015

What we’re doing

EcoGum removal- environmentally friendly steam and detergent removes gum

Working with Grounds & Landscape services to remove unnecessary turf, switch out sprinkler heads to MP rotator heads resulting in a 30% savings—800 heads switched so far—and plant water wise plants

Implementing a dashboard through Metasys to track water and energy usage and putting RF adapters on meters so that the meter readings are automatic

Reclaimed water being used for irrigation in One Miramar Street and The Village

Dining has stopped the practice of thawing in water.

High pressure spray cleaners for the blenders in Markets.

Exterior hose bibs are being capped and restricted.

What we’re going to do

Retrofit public restrooms that have faucets with user controlled handles to metered portioning.

Meters on community gardens to track usage. Investigating use of Rainbarrels at community gardens

Integrate reclaimed water into irrigation in more areas

Continue & expand water meters and RF project to continue to improve monitoring of actual usage

Water & energy usage dashboards in public areas so residents can see what they are using in real time