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Wellness: the balance between well-being of mind, nutrition, and physical fitness.

Housing • Dining • Hospitality would like to welcome you to your new home away from home. College is an exciting time where you experience many changes. Our goal is to keep you healthy and happy, so please explore the site for some basic 101’s to achieve total wellness!


Trying to juggle your coursework, social life and personal well-being can be quite the challenge as a college student. To maintain a nice balance, it is important to allow yourself time to unwind. Be sure to check out The Zone, “the lounge for student well-being that offers free programs for students such as Yoga, Fitness Classes, Meditation, Therapy Dogs, Healthy Cooking Demonstrations, and more”.
The Zone:
The Good Life Magazine:

UC San Diego offers something called CAPS, a counseling and psychological resource, which is a great way to connect with a professional to discuss the many things on your mind. Sometimes it’s nice to have a person to talk to, especially if this is your first time away from home.

Check out the 4-1-1 on recommendations for medical professionals to get the right balance between sleep, activity and eating right.


Did you know that with your Housing contract you have FREE access to a Registered Dietitian? Why not take advantage of this awesome opportunity and speak with her about maintaining a healthy lifestyle while living on campus. Contact her directly @

Being physically fit is an excellent way to manage your stress, increase your endorphins, and give you more energy. Choose an activity that you really like to do, and you’re more likely to do it often. Invite your friends, or join them in some of their activities, too! And take advantage of the awesome classes offered through UCSD’s recreation facilities at:


General Information

UC San Diego’s wellness website:

Center for Disease Control:

Halt the Spread of Germs:

Illness Readiness:


UCSD Police – 858-534-HELP or 858-534-4357

CSO Escorts – 858-534-WALK or 858-534-9255
Live Well, UC San Diego;

Financial Aid Office

Student Health Services

CAPS – Counseling and Psychological Services

Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD)

  • Location: 202 University Center, behind Center Hall and Gilman
  • 858‐534‐4382

Academic Advising Virtual Advisor:

Contact Information per College (recommend going in person or calling):

LGBT Resource Center

Located at Student Center East, new Building, in Original Student Center, Top Floor

Women’s Center

Located at Student Center East, new Building, in Original Student Center, Top Floor

Cross-Cultural Center

Located at 2nd Floor Price Center East

Career Services Center

Oasis Tutoring Service