See more while staying on campus!

If you've ever wanted to experience a University at a deeper level than what is possible with a Campus Tour, then The Triton Summer Experience is the perfect program for you! Get an indepth view of what the University offers while staying on campus in a conveniently located apartment with an abundance of modern amenities.

The Triton Summer Experience is more than just a tour or a vacation—it’s an opportunity to revisit your University experience. Together with family and friends, you will unlock the beauty of La Jolla while engaging in the intellectual conversations, art and technology, and hands-on adventure that only UC San Diego can provide.

Balance an active and comprehensive itinerary with just the right amount of free time to unwind—and relax, knowing that from registration to the final good-bye, a member of our team will be available for questions and to assist you in planning your adventure.

TSE Housing Information

Check-in Tuesday @ 3pm
Check-out Saturday @ 11am
Early check in/extended stay is available; please call 858.534.4220 for more information.

Guests reside in their own apartment at The Village at Torrey Pines, the newest community on campus. Each apartment accommodates up to six people and features:

Meals include daily breakfast, three specially designed lunches, two hospitality baskets, and one themed dinner.

Program Details


Check in and get acclimated to your new home for the week! Take a casual walking tour of campus, or grab a snack basket for a picnic at the beach. Schedule a massage, or relax and cozy up to a glass of wine while taking in your view of the Pacific.

Welcome Dinner at Outback Adventures Challenge Course
(5:30 – 9pm)

Challenge Course Activity: UC San Diego Challenge Course has custom designed a program for our group that will include ground work as well as the Leap of Faith. Working together, group members will stretch their own limits, develop leadership, goal setting and decision making skills while building group cohesiveness. Dinner is included, catered by our own UC San Diego Catering.

Wednesday Activities

Qualcomm Institute Experience
9 to 11:30 am
Ages 12 years and older

The Qualcomm Institute features some of the coolest labs and people on campus, working at the intersection of art, science, technology and health. You'll be blown away by the world-renowned institute's diverse environments, from the StarCAVE virtual-reality room to the 3D model of a protein. Explore your senses on the supersized Vroom display system, or go “inside" a painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Learn about building micro and nano devices in the Nano3 cleanroom facility, where researchers dress in white "bunny suits" to prevent particles of dust from destroying the microchips and sensors they're building. Visit the home of Diego-san, a lifelike robot with human expressions that will one day have the (artificial) intelligence of a one-year-old. You'll also hear short talks by young faculty on topics tailored for attendees young and mature alike. It's more than a seminar or a tour: it's an opportunity to experience the Qualcomm Institute's 'living labs' and live the future of multidisciplinary research on the UC San Diego campus.

Stuart Collection Tour and Lunch
11:30am –1pm

Learn more about the world renowned Stuart Collection, one of the most impressive outdoor public art collections in the nation. Lunch will be provided inside the art piece "Fallen Star", perched on the 7th floor of the Jacobs School of Engineering.

Fitness Class – PILATES
4:00pm – 5:00pm

Pilates focuses on the core muscles that keep the body balanced, strengthening deep muscles and improving posture. The practice emphasizes mental focus and the use of breath to improve movement efficiency and centering. You will finish the class feeling relaxed, long, strong, and flexible. Beginners welcome.

Hospitality Basket delivered @ 4pm

Thursday Activities

Visit to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography
9am to 2pm
Includes lunch

University experts will explain current projects and cutting-edge technologies being used to study the region—then it’s your turn to become a scientist for the day, walk the Scripps Pier which is normally not open to the public and learn about the research by scientific divers in submarine canyons, identify critical habitats, and if mother nature allows explore the rocky shore. Self-guided tour of the Birch Aquarium. Visit the labs of top researchers.

Fitness Class – YOGA
4:00pm – 5:00pm
Village Spa

Strong body, clear mind, balanced spirit. Yoga can be as much or as little as you want it to be. For some it is purely a physical pursuit, keeping the body toned, strong and flexible. For others, yoga becomes more of a mindset and a way of living. Whatever your reason for practicing or your level of experience – we welcome you.

Hospitality Basket delivered @ 4pm

Outback Climbing Center
7pm – 9pm
Outback Climbing Center in Canyonview Aquatic Center

Whether it's your first climbing experience or you're a seasoned veteran, you are sure to find a multitude of exciting climbs to challenge you.

Friday Activities

Rise and shine to a full breakfast at the Village (7 – 9am) from UC San Diego Catering, featuring a yummy assortment of wraps.

Center for the Future of Surgery Workshop
9:30 to 11:30 am

Practice being a surgeon for the day at UC San Diego’s Center for the Future of Surgery! Located on the School of Medicine campus, you’ll have the opportunity to perform a robotic operation by using laparoscopic trainers and simulation machines. Attendees will also be able to play on the DaVinci S and Si robots, emerging technology that is revolutionizing the future of surgery.

Lunch at the Bistro (12 – 1:30pm), conveniently located at The Village. Prix fixe menu.

Fitness Class – ZUMBA
4:00pm – 5:00pm
Village Spa

Get ready to party yourself into shape! Zumba is the workout craze that’s taking the fitness industry by storm. Combining Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow dance moves, Zumba is a fun and aerobically challenging workout that will leave you feeling inspired and invigorated.

Family Movie Night
8 to 10 pm
Village Theater

Gather the entire clan and head down to the Village Theater for an entertaining night at the movies! We’ll have freshly popped buttered popcorn and refreshments for all—grab your favorites and sink into our comfy seating to enjoy a family-friendly new release.

La Jolla Playhouse Performance
8pm – 10pm

Enjoy a night of culture at the nationally acclaimed La Jolla Playhouse. Spirited and eclectic, the Playhouse regularly features artists of today and tomorrow, cultivating a reputation for its audacious and diverse production of classics, new plays, and musicals. The theater has received more than 300 awards for excellence, including the 1993 Tony Award for America's Outstanding Regional Theater.

Note: evening performances feature content that is of an adult nature and may be inappropriate for those 13 and under. Movie Night at The Village will be a great alternative for the young ones!

Saturday – check out

Enjoy an expanded Continental Breakfast at the Village (7 – 9am) by UC San Diego Catering.

Upgrade Your Experience

The Village Spa

Retreat from it all in a comfy robe and slippers during your soothing visit to The Village Spa. Allow the calming and aromatic scents of eucalyptus and lavender to envelope you, then enjoy a soul-stirring massage, guaranteed to rejuvenate you.

• Swedish Massage

60 Minute Massage $65 / 90 Minute Massage $95
A full-body, lighter touch massage which aids in improved circulation, relaxation, pain relief and overall health maintenance.

Room Service Snacks
Serves 4 / $35

• Just the Basics, Ma’am!

The perfect post-beach treat or pre-dinner appetizer. Enjoy a delicious array of happy-hour style snacks while you enjoy the summer sunset.

• Family Snack Attack

Whole fresh fruit, freshly baked cookies, Kettle chips, granola bars, microwave popcorn, and IZZE sparkling fruit juice.

• In for the Evening

A great option for movie nights with the family, or a little romance for just the two of you. Features a lovely selection of cheeses, fruits, and crackers, hummus with crudité and pita chips. Includes Martinelli’s organic sparkling cider.

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