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Triton Card Account Services
Hours of Operation

Easier and more convenient than cash. Secure. Accepted at 60+ locations on and off campus. Triton Cash offers a wider variety of purchasing power to UC San Diego students, faculty, staff, and affiliates through their Campus ID card.

NOTE: If you would like to open a new Triton Cash account, get started here.

Why Triton Cash?

  • You save 10% on every purchase at ALL UC San Diego Housing and Dining Services locations!
  • It’s accepted at over 60 locations on and off campus.
  • Low account balance notifications
  • Automatic refill options
  • Flexible Guest Deposit process (your parents can make deposits!)
  • You need it for laundry!
  • It’s a safe, secure, and convenient alternative to cash.
  • It never expires, there are no fees, it rolls over from year to year, and it’s refundable upon leaving UC San Diego.

Who Can Use Triton Cash

  • Current Students and New Students who have attended orientation
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Affiliates and others who posses a UC San Diego Campus ID Card

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