What To Do

UC San Diego’s Zero Waste Goal

Supporting the larger mission of the University, HDH strongly encourages sustainable living and dining. UCSD has a Zero Waste goal by 2020. To achieve this goal, we need to rethink how we handle our waste.

Making the best use of natural resources, minimizing negative impact on our environment, and satisfying our customers are our main objectives.

Zero Waste also helps the bottom line. Believe it or not, recycling and composting are less expensive than trashing things.

  • Rethink what you buy and use
  • Reduce water and electrical consumption- use refillable water bottles, turn off lights, take shorter showers, use LED bulbs, etc. Report leaking faucets, sprinklers, etc. to 858.534.2600
  • Re-use: permaware dishes
  • Recycle: glass, aluminum, all rigid plastics, all paper (without food or human waste). And YES, it really does get recycled!
  • Compost: food scraps.

Here’s some more info on what to trash, recycle, and compost.


It is illegal to trash batteries, electronic or computer equipment, etc., but you can recycle it. Look for an E-Waste drive on campus, or find out more by contacting:

What HDH Does to be Sustainable

The department of Housing • Dining • Hospitality works hard with the EcoNauts throughout the year to practice what we preach—recycle, conserve, and sustain! Open the attached PDF for more detailed info.

Interested in more information? Contact us!