HDH Sustainability Mission Statement

The department of Housing • Dining • Hospitality supports the University and its global goals of environmental stewardship. We are committed to all aspects of sustainability, integrating green practices into our operations through education, everyday action, innovative technology, and exemplary practice.

Explore the site to discover what else you can do to help us conserve, recycle, and reuse.

Be Sustainable!

Please use perma-ware china when you eat in, or ask for our new recyclable take-out ware if you're taking your food to go.

Bring your reusable bottle and fill ‘er up—bottled water will no longer be sold in residential dining to encourage the use of the FREE chilled/filtered Hydration Stations.

Introducing EcoTours!

Logo:  EcoToursHave you ever wondered what makes campus Housing "green"? Or why it's important to recycle, re-use, and compost? Or maybe… you just want to take a ride on an electric cart?

The Housing • Dining • Hospitality EcoNauts are here to help!

The EcoNauts have developed an educational and entertaining way to learn more about the awesome sustainable aspects of campus. Sign up for an EcoTour and spend approximately 30 minutes touring UCSD via electric cart, with sightseeing tailored and individualized based on interest and demographic (i.e. Mesa resident, Revelle staff member, etc). EcoTours will stop at features such as LEED rated buildings, solar water heating, hydration stations, low flow toilets, aerated faucets, efficient washers and driers, water efficient landscaping, etc.

For more information, contact the EcoNauts at Econauts@ucsd.edu or Sign up.