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Custodial Services

Property Operations and Planning (POP) is dedicated to YOU. We aim to provide superior customer service and a safe, comfortable living environment.

Our POP Customer Service Center is prepared to collect all of your housekeeping, maintenance, and emergency requests. Please call us at 858.534.2600 or submit an online service request.

If you have a maintenance problem (malfunctioning plumbing, electrical, mechanical, safety, or structural defects) let us know, and we’ll respond ASAP. Requests are taken 24/7!

When calling, be prepared with:

  • College name
  • Building
  • Suite or apartment number
  • Phone number

When will my request be filled?

It depends on whether or not your request is an emergency!

Anything in your living space that is a life safety hazard or could cause damage to personal belongings or the living unit must be reported immediately to 858.534.2600 and will be handled as soon as possible.

Please call in any alarms, smell of smoke or natural gas, and/or flooding as soon as you notice them.

Response to all other repair requests will be handled at the earliest possible opportunity.

Maintenance does not provide service for:

  • Telephone HDH is responsible for providing the phone wiring and jack only. Establishing actual phone service is the resident's responsibility.
    • We’ve contracted with AT&T to provide repair services to the telephone wiring should a problem arise. To obtain this service call 1.877.7CAMPUS and a AT&T representative familiar with the University system will bill HDH directly for any line repairs needed.
  • Computer Support and Cable Television Please contact ResNet at 858.822.2800 or visit
  • Insect, Pest, and Rodent Control Please contact Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) at They will collect your contact information, clarify the problem, and alert your Residential Life office.

Custodial Services

This page provides you with information about our services so we can work together to provide excellent service. We encourage you to read your Residential Life Handbook and your Residential Housing Contract carefully for details about your particular college. Our staff looks forward to working with you to make your stay at UC San Diego enjoyable.

College Residences Custodial Responsibilities Residential Housing Contract Information
Ways to Assist Breaks/Holiday Schedules Lofts and Bunking
Lock and Key Control Security Resident Personal Property Damage Claims

Custodial Responsibilities

This is a list of tasks intended to give you a better understanding of the services we will provide. This list is not comprehensive.

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Items Incorporated from the Residential Housing Contract

Recess Access: If you are assigned to a Residence Hall Style unit, you will be required to leave the premises during Winter and Spring breaks. Please reference the break dates in the housing contract page and the list of Residence Hall Style units provided below to determine if this applies to you. Contact your Residence Life office for questions about access during breaks.

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College Residences

CollegeApt. StyleRes. Hall Style
Warren CollegeBlack Hall
Brennan Hall
Douglas Hall
Goldberg Hall
Marshall CollegeBuildings A-MBuildings N-V
Muir CollegeTuolomne
Buildings K-L-N-Q-R
Tenaya Hall
Tioga Hall
Revelle CollegeCharles David Keeling Apts.Argo Hall
Blake Hall
Roosevelt CollegeMesa Verde
Middle East
Earth, North & South
North America
Latin America
Sixth CollegeMatthews
Sixth College Apts.
Buildings A-E
Buildings 100-1800
Buildings 703-710

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You can assist us by:

  • Getting to know the people who are permitted to be in your residence. This helps prevent unauthorized access to the area.
  • Taking your trash and recycling materials out to the designated receptacles.
  • Using a bathroom caddy.
  • Immediately reporting any necessary maintenance or cleaning needs, such as fresh carpet stains, dripping faucets and showers, etc. Call 858.534.2600.
  • Keeping all hallways, stairwells, and walkways in front of doors and elevators clear of any obstacles or storage boxes.
  • Returning all Dining Services food trays, dishes, and silverware back to the campus restaurants or designated drop spot.
  • Checking out a vacuum from your RA or HA when your bedroom requires vacuuming.

You can assist us by NOT:

  • Stacking food trays, glasses, and dishes in your suite or apartment.
  • Installing your own locks on your room or apartment door.
  • Storing bikes in common areas, lounges, hallways or stairwells.
  • Making any modifications or alterations to your room.
  • Flushing anything other than toilet paper or toilet seat covers down the toilet.
  • Removing any furniture from its designated area.
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Service During Breaks

Service will be provided during the first week of Winter break. There will be no cleaning service during Spring break.

Holiday Cleaning Schedules

During a University holiday, your cleaning service will be provided on an adjusted schedule. If the holiday falls on a Friday, the service will occur in the prior week. If the holiday falls on a Monday, the service will occur during the following week. Cleaning service times will be shorter during holidays in order to service all units within a shorter time frame.

Lofts and Bunking

Loft and Bunking services are not available except when the University has assigned additional students to a specific room to meet guarantees.

Lock and Key Control

Call your Resident Dean’s Office to report lock repairs. After hours and weekend emergency service is available by calling the POP Customer Service Center at 858.534.2600. Lost or misplaced keys are a major threat to your safety and must be reported immediately. A fee will be charged for key replacement. An additional fee may be charged if a complete lock change is necessary.

For your security...

  • Keep your doors closed and locked at all times.
  • Know who is authorized to enter your residence.

Resident Personal Property Damage Claims

A Personal Property Damage Claim Form may be submitted for consideration when personal property damage has occurred as a result of staff negligence and/or facility malfunction. The Resident Personal Property Damage can be located here.

Contact Us!

Need to request Custodial Services? Please contact Customer Service at 858.534.2600.

Feedback, comments and questions about Custodial Operations? Please contact us at

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