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RA/HA Selection 2017

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Get involved at The Village and apply to be an RA!

Thank you for your interest in the Resident Assistant position! Not only will you become a member of an elite group of leaders on campus, you will work on increasing the success of all of our residents in the 2017-2018 academic year. If interested, please attend one of our info sessions (11/29/16, 01/11/17, or 01/12/17 at 5:00pm in The Village West Building 2) or contact The Village at for more information.

Application Opens November 21 at 1pm - January 17 at 1pm

Apply Online:

Get Involved at The Village and join Villagers In Programming (VIP)

VIP is a student run programming board composed of Village Residents who are working towards creating, maintaining, and improving a community at The Village at Torrey Pines that is socially and academically engaging for all students. This group serves to provide quality large-scale events for The Village community and work cooperatively with the Residence Life professional and student staff teams to create an environment that respects the rights of others and promotes consideration of individual needs within a diverse community. For more information on how to join contact Susan Berry,

Community Living

Community living at The Village means that you will have access to Resident Advisors who live within the residential neighborhood. RAs are great sources of information about life at UC San Diego—they organize a variety of programs to expand and enhance educational and social experiences while providing exposure to diverse ideas and viewpoints of fellow students.

Student Success Mentors

Student Success Mentors’ mission is to guide and advise transfer students at The Village by empowering the transition into UC San Diego, exploring successful opportunities and maximizing academic potential. To find yourself a mentor and discuss exciting opportunities please contact us at 858.822.5333, or find us at The Gallery. Don't forget to friend us at

Special Interest Living

Bio-Sciences Housing

With Biological sciences being one of the most popular majors at UC San Diego. The inaugural scholar’s floor should focus on the Biology major. Since there are sub-groups of Biology, this floor should be open to the groups that fall within this major. This will allow for the community to bring together students and faculty from a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. For the specific curriculum, download the provided PDF.

Computer Science Engineering Interest Housing

The Engineering and Computer Science Scholar’s floor connects computer science majors and engineering majors to their departments, the Jacobs School of Engineering and their colleagues. By being a part of this community, students will receive specialized attention that will aid them in their studies at UC San Diego. This community seeks to engage students and create an environment with a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. For the specific curriculum, download the provided PDF. For specific information about this program, please see your Residence Life website or contact your Resident Dean.

Substance-Free Housing

The Village is home to students of all ages, many of whom are above the legal drinking age. As such, The Village recognizes the appeal of a substance-free community. If you are interested in such Housing, you will have the option to indicate it as a preference during the Housing Application process. For specific information, please contact The Village Residential Services Office at 858.534.9380.

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