UC San Diego Housing Important Deadlines

Upcoming Incoming Freshman Deadlines:

  • Submit your SIR online by May 1, 2015
  • Housing application due no later than May 1, 2015
  • Housing e-mail should arrive to you by June 9, 2015
  • Signed Housing contract and $650 prepayment due June 30, 2015

Housing Contract Process

Log onto http://myapplication.ucsd.edu/ with your User ID/PID and Password. This will get you to My Checklist. The first item on your Checklist is Housing. Click on “View Your Housing Status,” and then click on the link to the housing contract. If you need assistance, please email us at housinginfo@ucsd.edu or call us at 858.534.4010.

  1. Verify Emergency Contacts - It is mandatory to add an Emergency Contact Person or you will be unable to proceed. You must enter an address and telephone number. When satisfied with your entry, continue to the next step.
  2. Personal History Form – Answer all required questions honestly and click on the Save and Continue button. Review your answers for accuracy. When satisfied with your entries click on the Continue to Next Step button.

    Please note: Due to the Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule, students who receive Financial Aid are asked to select the Quarterly Payment Plan option so that your housing payment plan will coincide with your financial aid disbursements.

  3. Electronically Sign Housing Contract – Review the housing contract. Click on the “I Agree” Check box and click on the Submit button. Confirm your commitment to enter into the Housing Contract by clicking on the Agree and Continue to Next Step button.

    If you are under 18 years of age at the time of signature, please make sure you have entered a parent email address at http://tritonlink.ucsd.edu (click on Maintain Addresses link in the Toolbox section). We will be emailing your parents a duplicate copy of the contract for their electronic signature in July. Only your student electronic signature has the DEADLINE of June 30.

  4. Make $650 Prepayment – Decide whether you would like to pay electronically or via paper check. For electronic payment, select “Pay by E-Check.” For paper check, select “Pay by Coupon.” If you are out of the country and do not have a US bank account, select “International Payment-Western Union”.

    E-Checks made prior to 3pm should post to the students account same day. E- Checks made after 3pm should post the following day by 4:00 pm. An e-check confirmation email is sent by “QuikPAY Online Services” to the email address you type when entering the checking profile information. Please print the email for your records. Please contact your bank to verify that the routing and account number you are using is appropriate for making e-check payments. Do not use the numbers on your debit card as an account number.

    If you plan on mailing in your check or money order, please allow approximately 5 business days for US Postal and Campus Mail staff to route the payment to our office. If there are less than 7 business days to our deadline, we strongly suggest you use FedEx or UPS to deliver 2-Day Guarantee or Overnight depending on how close you are to the deadline. The payment must be in our office by June 30. We do not accept postmarks.

    If you plan to hand deliver the payment, we are located on the Revelle Campus (west side of UC San Diego), in the HDH Services Building, 2nd Floor. We are open between the hours of 8am-4:30pm Monday through Friday. If needed, there is a 24-hour Night Deposit Box outside the Campus Cashier’s Office. It is located off of Myers Drive on the ground floor (south side) of the Student Services Center Building.

    UC San Diego has contracted with Travelex-Western Union, a specialist in international payments to provide you with a simple and low cost method of paying fees and pre-payments to UCSD in your own currency. Please note that it may take up to 30 business days to process an international payment. Your housing contract and space assignment is not guaranteed until funds have cleared the University accounting system. Once you have completed the Travelex process please scan and email a receipt/invoice from your financial institution along with your student PID to housinginfo@ucsd.edu.

Housing Application Process

It is imperative to apply for Housing as early as possible. Your Housing assignment is determined by Housing application date, college of registration, AND room type preference. ALL OF THESE FACTORS play a role in determining if you are placed in your college of registration, tripled, or wait-listed. Please contact your college Residential Life Office for information and questions concerning room assignments.

Revelle: 858.534.3025

Muir: 858.534.4200

Marshall: 858.534.4340

Warren: 858.534.4581

Sixth: 858.822.5268

Eleanor Roosevelt/I-House: 858.534.2261

First-year students who submit their Housing Application after May 1, 2015 for any reason, including late admission or admission resulting from appeal, may not be guaranteed campus Housing for Fall 2015 and forfeit the two-year guarantee.

There is no fee to apply for Housing and no penalty for not continuing with the Housing Contract process. Just follow the easy steps below:

Step 1

Apply for Housing TODAY! Online application process closes May 1, 2015.
Apply for Housing now at http://myapplication.ucsd.edu. Print and retain your Housing confirmation page for your files. If your online application is completed after May 1, 2015 you may not be guaranteed campus Housing for Fall 2015 and forfeit the two-year guarantee.

  • Log on to http://myapplication.ucsd.edu (normally available 7 am–12 am).
  • When you get there, select the “Housing” link on the top menu bar, then select Housing Application.
  • Locate your User ID number on your UC San Diego Admit Letter. Then carefully follow the directions on each screen beginning with the entry of your User ID number and birth date. When you arrive at a page that begins with the message “Housing Confirmation Page”, you have completed the Housing Application process. Please be sure to print and retain a copy of this page for your files. No other confirmation will be sent to you electronically or by mail.
  • Make it a habit to review status updates in http://myapplication.ucsd.edu when completing the Housing Application or submitting the SIR (Statement of Intent to Register). The system should refresh overnight with updated information.

Apply Early: UC San Diego is not responsible for late applications caused by the inability of computer systems to connect due to high traffic volume on or near the deadline. Please call 858.534.4010 if you require assistance.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call at 858.534.4010 if you have any further questions regarding your housing application.

Step 2

Submit Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by May 1, 2015.
New incoming first-year students must complete their online submission of Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) by May 1. If you do not submit your SIR to UC San Diego, your Housing application will automatically be cancelled.

Step 3

Students who meet the May 1 Housing Application and the May 1, 2015 SIR deadline will receive an email with instructions on how to access the Housing contract online. Make sure you have received the Housing instructional e-mail by June 9, 2015.

We are providing you with all the deadline dates in advance. It is your responsibility to contact Housing Administrative Services at 858.534.4010 if you have not received your Housing instruction e-mail by June 9, 2015. Do not call your college’s Residential Life Office.

You will receive an email with an initial room assignment in late August from the Residential Life Office where you will be housed.

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