Emergency Plan

It is highly recommended that you register for UC San Diego phone and e-mail notifications in the event of an emergency.

Sign up today: http://blink.ucsd.edu/safety/emergencies/campuswide/notifications.html

Over a decade ago, Housing • Dining • Hospitality (HDH) took the lead in developing the first departmental emergency plan at UC San Diego.

The initial emergency concerns were earthquakes and fire, focusing on the evacuation and accountability of all residents, providing medical services, feeding and housing residents, and providing ongoing assistance as needed.

Recently, HDH revised the emergency plan to include preparedness for other types of disasters. At the beginning of every school year, the Residential Life staff performs a drill to familiarize residents with evacuation locations and procedures in the case of an emergency. HDH is also currently working with other departments to improve notifications to residents when drills or emergencies happen.

Are you ready for an emergency?

Residents should review "A Guide to Citizen Preparedness” available from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This guide can be found on-line at http://www.ready.gov/are-you-ready-guide. This guide provides specific, clearly written steps in preparing for a variety of unexpected situations.

Be prepared!

  • Have a personal disaster supply kit with food, water, and supplies to last at least three days.
  • Choose a friend or family member outside the area as a point of contact.
  • Become involved in community activities that include first aid and CPR training.

For more information, contact the HDH Emergency Preparedness Committee:
Ruth Patterson, Committee Chair

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