Fair Trade Choices

How can your caffeine fix make the world a better place?

When you buy Fair Trade, you participate in a social movement that empowers hard working people in developing countries who dedicate their lives to filling sweetening your tea, brewing your coffee, and keeping you caffeinated for your all nighters.

Dining Services is committed to supporting Fair Trade. All of our dining locations offer exclusively Fair Trade coffee, tea and sugar, and at least one Fair Trade choice of ice cream and chocolate.

What does Fair Trade mean?

  • Paying farmers a living wage for their harvest.
  • Creating direct trade links to farmers and their cooperatives.
  • Providing access to affordable credit, helping farmers stay out of debt to local middlemen.
  • Promoting sustainable practices such as organic and shade-grown farming, that help protect the environment.
  • Fair Trade coffee comes from farmers who have been certified and receive a minimum price for their harvest.

By supporting Fair Trade product availability, UC San Diego is acting on a commitment to social and environmental responsibility with the goal of becoming a Fair Trade University.