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UC San Diego Dining Services—we’re here to plan, cook, and clean… so you can concentrate on college!

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for making sure you understand your Housing and Dining contract. Please read this information carefully; if you have any questions you may contact Triton Card Accounts Services at 858.534.7587 or Housing Administrative Services at 858.534.4010.

How it Works - 2014/15 Dining Plan

Check your account here. Your Dining Plan allows you to spend what, when, where, and how you please. Enjoy the freedom to eat light one day and splurge the next!

You have a set amount of Dollars to spend as you see fit throughout the year.

Buy Up

14/15 Academic Year $3,800
This Dining Plan is for the athlete or resident that will be on-campus all day, every day. Suggested if you know that your parent’s kitchen is too far away for a pop-in meal! This option is only available for a limited period of time just prior to move-in.

The Residence Hall Plan

14/15 Academic Year $3,160
This plan is the minimum for a student in a Residence Hall. Perfect for a varied appetite or those who visit home often and don’t plan on cooking.

The Apartment Plan

14/15 Academic Year $2,450
This plan is the minimum for a student in an Apartment. Perfect for light eaters and those who like to get full use of their apartment kitchen!

Dining Dollars are linked to your campus ID card, and can be used in all UC San Diego Dining Services restaurants and markets. Each purchase is automatically deducted from your account balance- just like a bank debit card.

Our Dining Plan is designed to be flexible and low cost with options to upgrade. Please be aware that the minimum plans will not support 3 meals a day, 7 days a week. Select the plan for your lifestyle in the Fall. Be sure to use our Online Card Office to master your budgeting skills.

Dining Dollar Usage Guideline (broken down by quarter*)

Dining Dollars are available to you upon Move-in; the following chart is an example of how you might budget to spend them evenly throughout the year:


  Total Plan Fall Winter Spring
Buy Up Option3,8001,3201,2391,239

*Academic quarters listed are prorated by number of days.

Adding Dining Dollars

Residents have a couple of options to add Dining Dollars to their plan throughout the year.

  • “Buying Up”

    This option is only available before the school year begins. Residents will receive an email from Housing describing this option; it usually arrives in late August. Advantages include a payment plan that is not available throughout the rest of the year.

  • Add Dining Dollars

    Add Dining Dollars here. Buy more Dining Dollars later in the year when your plan runs low. This will give you an idea of your eating habits before you add funds to your plan. You will receive a 10% bonus every time you make a deposit over $100. That is like FREE MONEY!

Please note that Dining Dollars expire at the end of spring quarter, are non-refundable, non-transferable to Triton Cash, and do not carry over to the next academic year.

Resident Controlled Dining Dollar Contribution Plan

This program provides resident students with the option to contribute Dining Dollars to other account holders during Spring Quarter.

How It Works:

Visit https://hdh.ucsd.edu/ssoStudent/DDContribution/ to complete a Dining Dollar contribution online. You will need to log-in with your PID and Password and have the PID of the recipient available, as well.

A student may contribute his/her Dining Dollars to another student’s existing Dining Dollar account, as long as the contribution does not place the cardholder’s balance below the minimum balance for that week. The online contribution program will indicate the balance that card holders must maintain for that date based on their room type (i.e. Res Hall vs Apt).

Applications for contribution that have insufficient funds will be denied and applicants will be contacted by Triton Card Account Services.

Please keep in mind that all contributions expire at the end of the academic year.

Need more information, need to do the transfer in person, or have questions? Contact the Triton Card Account Services at 858.534.7587 or visit us at the Housing • Dining • Hospitality building located on the Revelle Campus.

Important Information Regarding Early Termination of Housing Contract and Dining Dollar Usage

In unique circumstances, such as:

  • withdrawal
  • academic disqualification
  • cancelled enrollment due to non-payment
  • Housing contract delinquency
  • participation in a Study Abroad program

students may need to terminate their Housing contract. Prior to cancellation, it is important that you understand the Dining Dollar proration policy and your financial responsibility for over-usage.

You may contact Triton Card Account Services at any time to check the status of your Dining Dollar Account and to discuss the financial impact of contract termination.


Student A is paying for her Housing/Dining contract on a quarterly basis. However, by the end of Fall quarter she is not doing well in her studies and may need to withdraw from the University. Even though she has only paid for one quarter of her Housing contract so far, she has spent approximately two quarters worth of funds. When she withdrawals, she will still owe the University for that second quarter’s worth of Dining Dollars.

Student B paid for his entire Housing contract before he moved in. After Winter quarter he decides he’s going to study abroad. He only used two quarter’s worth of Dining Dollars (and therefore had no dining over usage). His housing charge and Dining Dollars will be prorated based on his contract release date. Since he already paid for the entire year, he will be refunded the amount he paid in excess of the proration.

I Lost my Campus ID Card

Keeping your Campus Card safe is your responsibility. If it is lost or stolen, contact the Triton Card Account Services immediately at 858.534.7587 or go to the Online Card Office to report it missing. Your account will be frozen to prevent unauthorized use. IMPORTANT: You may be liable for purchases made before your account is frozen, so please act quickly. Telephone notification must be confirmed promptly by the account holder in person or in writing.

With a valid photo ID (like a driver's license), Triton Card Account Services will issue you a temporary card for a week to access your Dining Plan and Triton Cash. If your Campus Card is still missing, you'll need to purchase a new one at the SBS (Student Billing Services) Office.

Can my friend purchase a meal for me with my Dining Dollars?

You are the only person authorized to use your Dining Plan or Triton Cash Account. Your college Residential Life Office may discipline you for using another person's account.

In the event you are ill and unable to go into a restaurant to get food, please fill-out the Meal Authorization form. This will allow you to authorize a designated person to use your card to get a meal for you on a single day.

Terms and conditions I agree to by using the Dining Plan

All customers are expected to display proper, decent behavior in Dining Services facilities. Food throwing, hitting, biting, scratching, indecent exposure, excessive or loud vulgarity, etc. is absolutely unacceptable. The individual Dining Services restaurant or the College may discipline you for such actions.

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