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Mesa Nueva Updates

The University is building a new community for single graduate and professional students in response to an ever-growing waitlist—currently at 2,000—and in keeping with the Campus Long Range Development Plan to house at least 50% of enrolled students. Opening Summer 2017!

Construction Alert: Widening of Regents Road and Athena Way

Floor Plan Previews

Upcoming Rates for 2017-18

Upcoming Half Rates

Unit Previews

  • Mesa Nueva Studio: Sleeping Area and Kitchen
  • Mesa Nueva Studio: Bathroom
  • Mesa Nueva Studio: Kitchen
  • Mesa Nueva Studio: Entry Way and Bathroom
  • Mesa Nueva Studio: Bathroom
  • Mesa Nueva Studio

Construction Update January 20, 2017

Continuing Work




Construction began on the new parking lot to the east of the ECEC campus in late December. This parking lot will replace the short term parking lot located to the Northwest of ECEC. The existing lot will not be closed until all construction is complete with the new lot. The expected completion date was mid-March, but the rain has slowed things down a bit and the new estimated completion date is April 1. New sidewalks were installed on 1/17 & 1/18 and will connect parking to the facility without the need to cross any driveways or streets. Next steps will be installation of new lighting, landscaping and bio-swales to catch rain water. The project will also fix several utility issues that currently exist.

Communications Plan

Community Breakfast – Monthly – February 10, 2017

Community Meetings – Quarterly – January 31, 2017, Community Room 3755 in West Mesa – 5pm

Community News and Event updates to be posted throughout each month.

For ongoing information, please continue to check this page and feel free to stop by the office for personal assistance and to see the site drawings.

As always, we will do our best to keep you informed of building progress. If you have questions at any time, or would like to schedule an appointment to meet with our General Manager feel free to contact us at


Construction Existing Amenities New Buildings
Parking/Traffic Gardens/Landscaping Security


Time flies, and we are quickly approaching the start of construction of Mesa Nueva, UCSD’s newest residential community, located in the North Mesa community! In preparation, expect some site work to begin in the next couple of weeks.

I am concerned about the dust that might be released into the air during demolition. What is being done to mitigate this?

The safety of students, faculty, and staff is always the University’s primary concern. The Project Manager responsible for the new Graduate and Professional Student Housing has been working on the demolition plan for several months now. As a result, the following steps will be (or have already been) taken to protect all surrounding residents, construction workers, and University affiliates:

  • A Hazardous Material Consultant has been hired to identify lead and asbestos materials used in the units scheduled to be demolished. Based on the Report of Findings, there were minimal harmful materials, and the Hazardous Material Consultant has prepared a plan for safe removal.
  • UCSD Facilities Design & Construction will engage a Certified Hazardous Material Removal contractor to remove the identified materials according to Federal procedures and transport the materials to an approved location. Once the removal effort is complete, another certified demolition contractor will commence with the final demolition of the units. All debris, dust control, and removal procedures will adhere to Federal guidelines.

The duration of the final demolition and debris removal will take 5-10 working days.

Existing Amenities

What’s going to happen to the sports courts in North Mesa when demolition begins?

We received feedback from residents that the tennis and basketball courts are used on a regular basis, so our goal is to find a new permanent location for them. Currently we are planning to locate them in Central Mesa behind ECEC and adjacent to buildings 9240 and 9242.

The resident input we received indicated that the volleyball court is not used often, so we have not pursued a new permanent location for it. We can install a net near the east playground if that is an amenity residents would like to have.

Where will children be able to play once the west playground is eliminated?

A new play area will be added to the same area that will contain the tennis and basketball courts in Central Mesa. It will also include picnic areas and shady spaces for lounging and play. In addition, the east playground is far enough away from the construction site to remain open.

An additional play area will be added to the grassy area by the Fitness Room at 9156. It will include play equipment for 2-5 year olds and will be fenced in for safety.

Where will the new community be located?

Pending formal campus approval, it will be located in a portion of North Mesa and will be Phase 1 of a Master Plan that will eventually include 3 Phases. Timing for construction of the other phases of development has not been decided, but the initial thinking is they will include redevelopment of the remaining portion of North Mesa, West Mesa and a small portion of Central Mesa.

New Buildings

What is the layout of the buildings in the new community?

The primary community entry will face Miramar Street and the buildings will be positioned to maximize sun, views, and air flow. The community will be organized around important outdoor areas since outside space is very important to a healthy living environment and what people love most about Mesa.

How tall will the buildings be?

Buildings will range in size from 8 stories on the Miramar Street side of the community and diminish in height to 4 stories as they get closer to Mesa to better relate to the existing community, promote better views, and maximize daylight.

What types of material will be used on the exterior of the buildings?

Building materials will be the highest standard from the Green Building Council. A lot of thought has gone into the finishes and energy efficiency, which will include led lighting. Exteriors will be a mixture of plaster, concrete, wood and cement fiber panels. We will introduce vibrancy through color in laundry spaces and adjacent balconies, creating a great space to hang out.

What will the community look like?

The preliminary concept includes approximately 1,300 beds housed in several buildings that will be 4-8 stories high. About 850 of the apartments will likely be studios since that’s the largest unfulfilled demand on the waitlist. The remaining apartments will include about 150 2 bedroom units, 40 1 bedroom units and 40 3 bedroom units, It is important that the community be inviting and open in hopes of generating more social interaction and sharing of amenities among all Mesa and OMS residents. Both a parking structure and surface parking are included in the plan. Amenities being considered include a fitness center, pool, Jacuzzis, BBQ area, conference rooms, study rooms, bike storage, and retail space.

When does construction begin?

The current goal is to begin construction in December 2015, however, this date is pending campus approval. This means that the removal of a portion of North Mesa apartments will likely begin in September or October 2015.

Parking & Traffic

How will parking be handled in the new community?

A 930-stall parking structure will be built to have the least visual impact and be most convenient for residents. It will connect to the Miramar garage by a major north/south pathway.

How will the new community be integrated into the existing Mesa community?

The placement of buildings and walkways will reflect the importance of connecting the residents to each other and to campus via future linkages to Light Rail Transit and the Gilman Bridge. A major path will run north/south through the community and will incorporate places to stop and rest, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy their environment.

We also want you to have easy connectivity to ECEC and the Mesa shuttle. The team is working with Transportation Services to see if we can get the shuttle to move faster and provide more service during both standard hours and weekends.

What impact will construction have on traffic flow?

The goal is to confine construction ingress and egress to the north entrance of Mesa.

Gardens/Landscaping/Outdoor Space

What type of outdoor space will be included?

A large courtyard space will include a pool, 2 Jacuzzis, outdoor play space, a splash zone, and BBQ stations. There will also be a series of smaller spaces/courtyards with a variety of functions. The community will have right-sized retail spaces and will include a market/café and a pub.

What will the landscaping look like and will it minimize water use?

Native plants will be used in landscaping per the lists established by the university. The team will comply with sustainability goals including landscape irrigation and power and hopes to extend the gardens to South Mesa.

What will happen to the existing gardens in Mesa?

The gardens will be relocated in conjunction with the new community. We are working with the garden coordinators to determine the best timing and method of relocating these gardens. We are also taking this opportunity to reorganize all gardens and bring them into compliance with university policy by installing and metering irrigation.


Security is a concern for residents because of the hours we keep. How will security be addressed?

To promote a secure environment the community will have great visibility across the entire site and lighting will be evenly distributed to eliminate dark spots. The parking structure will have a video surveillance system and we will add a RSO at nights. The pool will be gated and is a neighborhood amenity for anyone to use.

Will there be bike storage?

There will be 760 parking spaces for bikes in a mix of enclosed and outside spaces.

Residents are encouraged to send their GPSMH project suggestions as well as any questions to and/or student representatives, Brandon Stephens and Cory Stevenson at Town Hall meetings will be held on a regular basis to provide residents additional opportunities to make suggestions and have their questions or concerns answered. Keep an eye on your email and the ARCH monthly newsletter for upcoming Town Hall dates!

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